For Sale Ducati Monster 1100 Evo

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  1. This bike belongs to someone I know. Not sure if it is of interest to someone on here?
    The photo doesn't do it justice really.

    2011, 3200 miles Approx. Had a belt service. Wants £6K for it I think.
    Bike is located North Bucks, South Northants area.


    Only thing he pointed out was a small crack in the front fender where it mounts to the fork leg,
    I couldn't notice it, but I didn't have a proper inspection.

    It certainly goes quite well, followed it down to on yer bike and back and last night.
    I can find out more and or pass on details if genuinely interested.

    I think he is listing it on Ebay over the weekend, I can share that link at some point.
    There will be better pictures to follow.

    He buys and sells bikes to some extent, most are of the collectable type that I've seen.
    I was asking with Joe C in mind, re Ducati Hypermotard... Sold one last week apparently.
    (please remove if not appropriate).
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  2. Mileage and year are the same but location very different - eBay bike Lancashire and this one Bucks / Northants. So the buyer of the ebay one is perhaps now selling it a fortnight later?
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  3. Cheers. You have got me onto the 1100S now...also I have been playing a waiting game on a 796 for under 4 grand. 6 is a 50% increase!
  4. :D
  5. bummer, 4700 is a good price, howcome you did not bid on ebay after the negotiation?
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  6. He reckoned he would get a lot more on eBay than my offer, I told him he wouldn't, and he would have fees to pay after the auction.
    He messaged me after to ask if I still wanted it for my offer of 4750.
    I told him no, out of principal, and bought a different bike instead.
    Sometimes when selling, the first offer can be the best offer.
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