For Sale Ducati Monster 750

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  1. 1997, its in reasonable condition, no mot. It has new tyres, the steering head bearing and fork seals were replaced last year. It's been off the road a while now so needs a service and a bit of fettling. Runs well and everything works. The pic was taken the end of last year, it no longer has a seat cowl...
    It's not my bike, it belongs to my mate. £1250

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  2. Is it a 900 or 750?
  3. The thread title says 750:upyeah:
  4. And the bike side panel says 900 ;)
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  5. true but wet clutch and single disc.
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  6. It is as title says. 750....
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  7. With period upgrade cc;)
  8. Anybody interested? A cheap bike for someone?