1260 Ducati Multimedia System

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  1. Hi All,

    I'm trying to play with the DMS to see if it's any good, but I'm falling at the first hurdle! I've managed to pair my phone easily enough, but my headset (a Cardo Packtalk) won't pair. I wonder if it's because I've got it in intercom pairing mode (this is from the headset side of things).

    Should be I be pairing the headset to the bike as if it were a sat nav or phone? (again from the headset side, it's pretty clearly just "Rider 1" from the bike side).

    I'm in a no mans land now where I can use the bike's "last calls" feature to call someone on the phone, but the audio is going to the bike which is basically a dead end as I have no headset paired.

    Any help in understanding this would be much appreciated. The manual is pretty hopeless!
  2. Hey .. I had issues as well as have a lot of people

    I can only tell you the order I did stuff ... and it has worked for both interphone and Schuberths sc1

    Step 1 delete all pairings on phone and bike and headset
    2 connect phone to bike
    3 connect rider 1 between headset and bike as if u were connecting to a phone .... so do not connect as intercom

    This setup allowed me to use the phone through the bike see caller etc.. see music player and track ... however volume seemed reduced compared to phone to headset direct. I then added in a Tom Tom as a second device to headset and it all went pair shaped .... I have scraped going via the bike and reverted to headset to phone and headset to tomtom ....
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  3. As above - pair headset to bike, and not to phone. Also, I'd strongly recommend riding out to the middle of nowhere, as there is less likely to be interference from other sources. I originally tried pairing mine in a supermarket car park in town and couldn't get it to work. Rode out in to the sticks and it worked straight away.

    I've since deleted it because I find the audio controls to be nonsensical, and it's more hassle than it's worth, and tends to drop connection too easily, which means having to stop the bike, get my phone out, reestablish connection, etc etc. In the end, I just couldn't be bothered with it.

    It's a pity, because it was one of the features I was quite excited about before i got the bike. The reality was something that doesn't really work, and hasn't been properly thought through. I now arrange playlists before i set off, so I know that whatever I'm listening to isn't going to run out before I reach my destination (so no need to stop and access my phone).
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  4. Thanks Guys.

    @fatporker you hit the nail on the head, it was simply because I wasn't pairing to the bike as a phone. Just connected easily now and it's all working well.

    @MotoNik yeah, the music side of things isn't ideal, and the lack of a rewind button is really annoying! I don't actually have a good solution for music, I tend to use the Cardo's radio on my commute. My Garmin's music playing ability seems broken after a firmware update, and I'd rather not run my phone's battery down having it play. Shame there isn't a USB port somewhere on the bike where you could stick some tunes and playlists on a USB stick and it would recognise it.

    Anyway, thanks again, I'm sure I'll hit more issues, but things are definitely less broken than they were for me before. I'll play with it for a bit in this configuration and try and work out whether it's better, or to just cull the whole thing and just have everything connect to the Cardo again.
  5. If battery life on my phone is an issue I tend to put it in a pouch on the handlebars and charge it via the socket on the dash (I mostly do this if I'm using it for navigation). Alternatively, I've stuck my phone in my tailpack before now, and run a USB lead from the socket under the pillion seat. I can still stream content from my phone to my headset (a SENA in my case).

    If you happen to come across some sort of easy to fathom instructions that make sense of how to easily use the system to control music, take calls, etc, then do let us know! I found it wasn't at all intuitive, and gave up on it because it just felt like a hassle to use. I think you'll find that to be a common theme, sadly.
  6. Yep, even the dealer was quite down on the system and said to just connect everything to the headset (my old setup). I just like the thought of seeing who is calling and being able to select who to call back. The button presses definitely don't make much sense! But I figure I'll try it for a while. I've got it setup how I'd like for my commute, but it definitely won't do for touring like this.

    Good idea about charging the phone from the power port. I'm actually looking for the cable that Ducati sells with it's USB hub (I don't want the hub, just the cable which connects into it and I'll buy the hub from Givi themselves). Just seems like Givi only sell a power cable that goes straight to the battery.
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  7. Tifosi, if your garmin isnt playing music, is it because the update changed your source settings ?
    This happened to me, just go into settings and select the correct source (mp3 if music is on the device itself)
    Also check the volume for multimedia is at max (or whatever you need) so the master volume will control it.
    Hope that helps.
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  8. Thanks for the advice @John W

    It's not that it just doesn't play, it's that it starts, and at some point, the music seems to corrupt, like it's stuck on playing the same 1/4 second of audio over and over. The mp3s haven't changed in years and I noticed it right after updating the firmware for the last time (it's obviously well out of support now). It also seems to only happen when sending it to my headset - it'll play the audio ok from it's own speaker.

    I've tried changing the music, moving from external SD card storage to internal, but it's always the same.

    I've googled around but I'm not turning up any links on it. One thing to try was to connect it to the Multi's DMS to see if routing it through there would work; but guess what? The 660 doesn't connect as it's too old. Oh well!
  9. And now for the good things:
    I actually like to be able to recall the last callers. Cardo PackTalk cant even do this. Only one speed-dial.
    For me, the Ducati system is an improvement if only for this.

    About music:
    For those that have a Bluetooth capable music player, could you check if you can pair it in the GPS slot?
    If yes, I'll buy one. That way, it won't use my phone's battery power.
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  10. With my Garmin 590 connected to my headset and my phone connected to the Garmin I can see who's calling etc. Play music off the Garmin or, on the phone, start a playlist on Amazon Music and then be able to pause and FFWD from the Garmin. The only point of the Ducati system I can see is to add in my pillion so she can also hear the same as me. Though I think I can probably do that with my Senna headset anyway.

    I only bother with music on long motorway sections, answering phone on the move is emergencies only. The Garmin can bring up the phone's contacts to make calls but this is a pull over thing as its buried in the menus. Saves taking the helmet off and getting the phone out though.

    As to powering the phone: I use the Givi tank bag power hub having cut off the connector from the lead and replaced with a right angled Hella plug off of ebay. This plugs into the dash socket to the right of the clocks. Works well but I did manage to blow the fuse a few weeks ago. Not sure how as having replaced the 10A accessory fuse under the seat it's working fine again.
  11. @Bumpkin I completely agree, the newer Garmin's make a good "hub" for all of this, basically what the DMS SHOULD be - so long as you are riding with the GPS on the bike the whole time. The thing is, I wouldn't want the GPS mounted on my daily commute or quick local rides.
  12. I too connect my samsung note8 phone to both pack talk headset and zumo 590
    Bumpkin you can make calls easily on the 590 using the right hand side popup shortcut menu. It displays last 5 numbers, plus a shortcut to contacts.
    I made and received calls a few weeks back to another in our group. First time I had to find him contacts, 2nd time was just a single press.

    No idea what is going on with your 660 then tifosi. Frustrates the he'll out of me when things like this happen, and they are so slow to fix them. Zuma forums used to be great for all this stuff, but not found a new forum since that closed.

    I was really hoping I could link my stuff into the bike Bluetooth, but it does sound like it might be more trouble than its worth.
  13. Let's face it, the days of "stand alone" GPS are nearing the end of their useful life.
    I'm only using them because I have them. So many if fact, I may as well call it a collection.
    Two- 3590LMT (cars)
    Two- 3490LMT (bikes)
    Two- GPSMAP 76CSx marine handheld with bluecharts (Seadoos)
    Two- 2597LMT (originally for the kids cars which they don't even use)
    One- built-in Garmin in our Jeep Wrangler

    With the exception of the handhelds, all of these are now expendable.
    Consequently, I would not go out and buy one today.
    If it wasn't for those, my Smart Phone would already be cradled in the Navihalter bracket in lieu of:

    20190512_121435.jpg RAM-HOL-PD3UIU1.jpg RAM-HOL-PD3UIU2.jpg
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