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1260 Ducati Multistrada 1260 V4 !! 190hp

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by victit, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. I have read some rumors here and there ... but please people give something "official" about this one ..
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  2. Point us at the rumours.

    General consensus is that we won't see a v4 multi next year, it will be the naked bike used at pikes peak instead.
    A v4 mts might follow the following year.
    Hope that helps.
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  3. If they are launching in time for a 20MY they will commence manufacturing from September/October onwards if they are in time - only delays in the program will drop it back more. So if it's due it will almost be finished now :)
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  4. Interesting. Thanks for sharing.
    I would think the dealers will know well before we do, and as usual it will get announced at the Milan EICMA show if it is coming.

    Translation as follows:

    From 2020, Ducati will supplement the Multistrada series with a V4 model with around 190 hp and an innovative safety package.

    The test drives around the plant in the Borgo Panigale district of Bologna have been going on for a year and a half, in 2020 the Multistrada V4 is finally to come. A recently caught Erlkönig shows that the sleek silhouette of the two-cylinder bikes is maintained by the narrow four-cylinder engine. Even otherwise, the prototype of the current V2 Multi looks very similar, which design updates Ducati the V4 variant still donated, remains to be seen.

    Security package ARAS

    On the V4 bike radar sensors front and rear can be seen, which belong to the new safety package. Front is warned against a too dense opening and behind in front of vehicles that drive in the blind spot or hurry up quickly. The security package is called ARAS, which stands for Advanced Rider Assistance System.

    Due to the clear competition of the Multistrada to the KTM top models, we assume that the Italian V4 version will outperform Austria's KTM Super Duke GT in terms of performance. 185 to 190 hp are quite possible.

    Price not yet known

    There is no price for the V4-Multi - as well as an official date for the launch - but it is clear that they will not replace the model sisters with two-cylinder engine, but will expand the model range - also priced - to the top. The 2019er Multistrada 1260 is available from 16,990 euros, the current top model "Pikes Peak" costs from 24,390 euros. It is quite possible that at least 20,000 euros will be due on the V4.
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  5. I was talking to one of the Ducati test riders while at DRE and he confirmed that he has ridden it.
    He says that it's awesome and will be much better than the V2 version, as the firing of the V4 means that it puts out less vibration which will be better for both the rider and also easier on the drivetrain.
    We are expecting the 1260 to stay in the range; maybe an overlap as per the Panigale 1299/V4 switchover.
  6. Sounds promising then.
    Let's see just how strong the price becomes :worried:
    And of course what it looks like / extra bits they've added :)
  7. I thought they were talking about an ostrich riding a ktm which had an ubertrumpfen fitted :neutral:

    "Österreichs KTM Super Duke GT in Sachen Leistung übertrumpfen wird. "
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  8. Meh. I’m probably going to be the only one on here who sees no point in a Multistrada making 190PS nor a reason for fitting adaptive cruise control. Andy
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  9. Agree with the power thing but reckon adaptive cruise would be a great addition
  10. I too can't see any point in more power, I'm more interested in MPG and service intervals/cost. Pointless having a tourer with a 90 mile tank range like some V4s
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  11. After riding the Panigale V4s I would buy the Multistrada V4 for sure!
    A detuned V4 would be a dream engine in the Multistrada and the only thing that would make me part with My 2015 1200 DVT in the near future.
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  12. 190bhp does seem pointless on a touring bike. The 1200 DVT can get the rider into huge amounts of trouble with speed as it is.
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  13. Tank size, consumption, maintenance cost and probably nothing more will be the deciding factors between the 1260 and the V4 for me. And maybe a working rear brake ...
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  14. Adaptive cruise control is one simple step from a speed limiter. The end is nigh.
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  15. Right, here goes:
    Please Ducati, when it goes out for sale can it have.
    cup holders!
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