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Ducati Owners Club - West Yorkshire Branch?

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by El Toro, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. It’s about time we members in West Yorkshire formed our own branch!

    Who’s in? :upyeah:
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  2. Phew, I'm North, lucky escape Westie DOC Boss :bucktooth:
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  3. I'm outside the M25 does that mean..
  4. [​IMG]
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  5. You know you have too pay subs, right ;)
  6. He's the boss :worried:
  7. L to R: Freak, Mr C and Samib, just to help those out that haven't met your gang ....
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  8. Is El T Nora Batty? :thinkingface:
  9. Only on a a Sunday allegedly....
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  10. Its uncanny.
  11. There’s been a great response on Facebook :)

    “Here’s some exciting news for you.......The DOCGB has a new branch for Ducati owners who live In West Yorkshire / Saddleworth / Derbyshire/ South Yorkshire and surrounding areas etc

    The inaugural meeting is this coming Wednesday the 11th September from 7.30pm at the Old Bridge Hotel in Holmfirth.

    Why don’t you come along and say hi and see what you can get involved in ?

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  12. I’ll ride there ;)

    I also chose it because it’s got great parking for bikes and you can keep an eye on them, not that you’d need to ;)

    Oh and the food and drink is good too :)
  13. Food looks good, what's the parking scam signs on the walls? Permit holders and residents only? :eyes:
  14. The parking is for customers only, otherwise you’d get all God’s little children who wanted to shop in Holmfirth, parking there.
  15. I’m in but might not be able to make Wednesday. Have to see how work goes...
  16. I like the idea, but would probably struggle to make the meets.
  17. It’d be good to see you occasionally Errol, and we’d be able to swap the venues around as well to mix it up a bit :upyeah:
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  18. I would have attended but unfortunately I'm on 12hr nights tonight and tomorrow night
  19. Hmm.. @Tim Maccabee shows up yesterday and on the same day, you talk of being DOC affiliated... :eyes:

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