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Featured For Sale Ducati Panigale V4s Corse (19) Totally Stunning 2980 Dry Miles

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Dave dunlop, Mar 31, 2021.

  1. Ducati Panigale V4s Corse edition 2019 (19) 2980 dry miles

    Purchased from Moto Rapido just over a year ago with 900 miles on. Fastidious maintained and upgraded using brand new genuine Ducati Performance parts, Or high end established performance parts from the main players. (Please see options below)

    Full and total Ducati service history/4 stamps in the book including pre delivery inspection and annual service completed today including front pads and all fluids. So no service required till March 2022. Full documentation including book pack, both keys and receipt/purchase invoices for upgraded parts. Further detailed pictures available upon request.

    Akrapovic system including ECU upgrade fitted from new (including baffles) Sprint P08 Filter. Throttle spacers, EVO TECH Black upper and lower rad guards. Clear Stompgrips, Front fairing clear wrapped in matte. All original parts complete and boxed from new. Including exhaust system and any hardware, complete lower fairing, standard Filter, rear seat and footpegs, Genuine Ducati performance soft fitted indoor cover.

    Totally immaculate and presented in stunning condition. Being the Corse edition (£1800 extra premium) over the more popular Red. Never ever seen rain/salt or a dirty sponge. No nasty chemical cleaning products used. Dry stored in the house. I’m Looking at £19500 for a quick sale and that’s non negotiable. This is by far the cheapest Corse edition with this spec on the planet today with over 3k worth of extras included.

    Ducati performance option pack available upon request. Over 6K in parts including OZ Gass wheels, Plus Genuine DP carbon parts, Fullsix Carbon under Tray and Seat cowl pod, IImberger frame protectors and lower tank underside protectors, Molotti top Yoke (stunning) LighTec R version Rearsets with Ti hardware and Carbon Heelguards. Over £700 in Titanium grade 5 Pro bolt or Race Ti Hardware. All the Carbon is finished in Matte and has the same weave and finish as the DP Parts. Looks amazing against the Corse paintwork. Please PM me for further pricing options....

    Serious enquiries only please via PM ....The bike should be available in 2/3 weeks time due to work commitments.

    Additional options on parts that are still currently fitted (please note these parts will be removed at the price stated above) and then offered for sale in the parts and accessories section once a deal is finalised. Please NO more PM’s asking about the parts separately until they become available. As much as i appreciate the interest this advert is for the bike as advertised above. And I want to give any potential buyer the option of purchasing the bike with the parts fitted.

    OZ Gass wheels (price on request)
    Full DP carbon pack including front mudguard, Rear hugger, DP Crankcase protectors, plus DP swingarm cover and DP rear chain stay protector. (Price on request)
    IImberger Matte carbon frame protectors and Tank protection (price on request)
    FullSix Matte carbon full length under tray and rear seat cowl pod (price on request)
    Molotti top yoke (price on request)
    LighTech R Version Rearsets with full Ti Hardware (price on request)
    LighTech mirror blanks and fuel filler cap (finished in Matte Black) To match
    Primejet keyless ignition with modified OE key panel (price on request)
    Titanium Pro Bolt hardware throughout (price on request)
    Complete drivetrain including DID ERV3 520 and Renthal super lite carrier/ sprockets front and rear with upgraded performance bushes and titanium hardware, Plus Ducabike front and rear wheel set fixings with Titanium clips (price on request)

    Possible PX V4 Street fighter or very late 2020 Aprilia RSV4 factory Tuono....Must be low mileage, Mint unmarked with full documentation.

    CC33BB80-38F1-4F88-BA89-8E23105C12E1.jpeg C9063C9A-AE94-4449-AC71-54F576408B78.jpeg C4F0765D-D218-436D-94AB-025CD1E1F28F.jpeg 72FB77BE-06F9-4897-9281-7A8082C63C6F.jpeg 45AC79BB-835C-464B-81C7-D4B5B2B4960D.jpeg 5DD2260B-D099-4F28-A0EB-569D9471751C.jpeg FD65173C-0CCF-4269-9039-6A044E4F0A93.jpeg CC33BB80-38F1-4F88-BA89-8E23105C12E1.jpeg


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  2. What you getting next Dave?
  3. Having a break if I’m honest. I bought the V4 on a bit of a whim after a difficult and life changing experience thinking it would keep me busy. What with 38 years of riding I’d all ready decided that the V4 was going to be my last sports bike. That time has come earlier than expected! I’m really not enjoying my riding like I used to. Its more to do with environment.... Roads and road users. Time for something more upright and usable.
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  4. Cracking bike Dave but you know I’ve always liked it.
    Sad to hear you have had enough of sports bikes. Don’t leave it too long until you get an upright replacement.
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  5. Yeah Rich it’s a tuff call... Really wanted another couple of years! But I’ve still got the Neo as my daily fix for now. Possibly looking at SF V4 or last of the V4 Tuono, or even the new Trumpet. But as it stands right now I’m getting more pleasure from something more accessible and ergonomic:)
  6. I’ve gone the same route, sold the Pani and got a SF V4s. No regrets here at all.
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  7. just thought about track riding mate??
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  8. Yeah possibly, I’ve been on and off for best part of 18 years with track riding. Some European rides and one at Phillip Island. Had planned to sneak a few in last year but didn’t happen for obvious reasons. Think it gets to a point when you think enough is enough. Everything thing to do with track days here is becoming more expensive and dare I say more dangerous. You really need to be in the more exclusive sector with less congestion and similar riders (preferably in Europe) I’m not knocking it I’m just slightly over it:bucktooth: I do remember a few years ago riding the Great Ocean road in Australia and thinking this is it. Breathtaking scenery, amazing roads and weather .....But I’m not ready for the whole adventure bike thing, especially here.... I new this feeling was looming sometime ago really. I’ve just been holding onto the last few drops... It’s good though :) A start to a new beginning really :upyeah:
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  9. Some new pictures with the upgraded DP And performance parts fitted! Please see main original post for pricing options.

    B6225905-C6A2-4080-9B30-6B2486730DCD.jpeg 6E3A4A06-754D-4E58-A6D4-E22FE650B61B.jpeg E2B6E6EF-6ACA-492B-A525-D43A0FEF186A.jpeg 5F75C0E9-6167-47F2-BA69-EB29070B2BFF.jpeg AFB2A0A5-C95C-45BC-A6A8-C072A03C6360.jpeg CEE77633-207A-4EF9-975F-5E45BED662CF.jpeg FFCC159B-5236-42AA-BD1E-4651F553B1F2.jpeg 2957C6E6-7D10-4F4B-91C4-FFCB989ECB0C.jpeg BBF68362-A043-43E6-AB39-24768AA9C5BF.jpeg A32A60C5-EEC3-419F-93C9-C8B0E9C54F1C.jpeg E74E793E-8762-430C-A6FB-941BC3C7766A.jpeg 327249A7-0B1A-4C19-BCE8-347039337200.jpeg 205AF6A2-E435-49C9-9BFE-B3A0B1BD81F6.jpeg 03D0BEEA-1705-44E7-A6C8-AB7EE010E6FA.jpeg D75E28DD-83E4-4DD4-9D62-72BEE40E309A.jpeg B0F028A3-C8D5-440D-8B6C-B01ECE117578.jpeg DAAA9DC6-DF68-446F-B921-82F0BBBDCF01.jpeg 8D14F0A2-4AA1-4123-97D9-E3AB2A6A28B2.jpeg D4574E56-5CF5-457A-8C3A-54ABE717634E.jpeg 4226C5A8-4A5C-4EA2-B1F7-5C0AA941332A.jpeg EFBE0FDB-BCD0-4FB2-9F12-8B2FEEBD8AD8.jpeg 3BF7644D-A6CA-437C-80D7-8CDFB346CD22.jpeg D5E93E47-F545-4253-A71F-3DB65CE97476.jpeg BCF278FC-B3EB-4DDC-B4BC-3475F1474A68.jpeg 4F9B4CAF-204A-4847-87B1-2228D1A310D3.jpeg 42358092-5401-4E85-AB56-FB0F74816B39.jpeg DCBDC0AE-3F10-4F5C-8DD7-9E47099691D8.jpeg 6C2C2553-4731-49EA-A175-C30C4BDCF83F.jpeg
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  10. Just sent you a DM regarding a price for the wheels. Cheers.
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  11. Stunning. GLWS :)
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  12. Luv it bene on sportsbikes for years R1 Blades SP, etc then got XR realised it was easier . Now have 3 options MS 1260 R9T and V2 the MS makes riding more fun with idiots on roads hope u r back on 2 wheels soon
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  13. That bike is awesome and them OZ wheels :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
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  14. Just a quick update..... firstly thanks for your comments and your patience regarding the bike. I’ve now made a slightly tweaked and hopefully less complicated advert! So please read carefully and PM me with any further questions or request. Including additional detailed pictures.

    Those who have sent PM’s concerning various individual parts for sale, Thank you, but the option of selling any parts separately will become available once the bike is sold in order to give any potential buyer some choices. Just keep a look out in the parts and accessories section.

    Having come from an engineering background and having spent most of my life in some kind of motorsports industry (mostly motorcycles) Building, modifying, tuning and riding has pretty much been my life since teenage years! This has been a really hard decision to make. But I just wanted to give some background information about the build and the countless man hours involved. Probably my own worst critic when it comes to creating a bike for yourself . Not only one that looks right, But one that’s well put together using the right components without compromise. Always trying to make improvements, even if they are for small marginal gains, or just trying to achieve a slightly different look that sets your bike apart. So I just wanted to reassure anyone that it’s been properly cared for and meticulously put together the right way. Those who watched my 959 transformation will understand....

    Hopefully no more editing..... and sorry for the long transcript!
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  15. Just to back up what Dave has said. I bought his 959 off him last year, to be honest the amount of times I’ve viewed bikes that the seller has described as immaculate when I’d say there only average drives me mental. I’m glad to say The 959 was immaculate and when I recently sold it to a dealer they scored it a 10. Dave was slowly doing the changes to the V4 in his front room when I went to pick up the 959. If it’s as Dave describes and I was in the market for one I wouldn’t hesitate in taking it off his hands. Not his mate, relative or lover just a previous happy buyer.
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  16. Dave, this bike is an absolute stunner and I'm sorry to hear you're selling up but I'm sure you haven't made this decision lightly. Someone is going to get and absolutely mint bike looking at the pictures and your obvious very good taste!

    Hope you get a trouble free sale with a good buyer, good luck mate :upyeah:
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