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Ducati Perfomance Monoseat

Discussion in 'Monster' started by aprieposh, May 4, 2020.

  1. Hi is there anybody seeking the original Ducati Performance Monoseat ?
    I have one of these rare peaces!
  2. You didn’t send me anything via WhatsApp!
    You would also need to subscribe to post items for sale.
  3. I have a carbon s4 cup mono seat
  4. Correct that was originally a very expensive and rare DP item

    @limitededition Do you have a Monster S4 Challenge Cup bike to go with that seat ?
  5. No, as I already own one......in fact he has re-advertised this from last week, I am the 'helpful guy' in his ad :D
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  6. No, I have a new carbon front cowl and screen though.
  7. @final_edition I have spares but PM me a price if your interested in selling, I may be tempted.
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