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For Sale Ducati Performance 848/1098/1198 Track/race Bodywork/tank

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by ditchvisitor, May 16, 2020.

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  1. A full set of track Ducati Performance fairings including:
    Air tubes
    Bell pan
    Tank infills
    Tray to replace headlight
    Side panels
    Rear seat unit + undertray and support

    They have been removed from a track bike so are by no means mint but perfectly suitable for a track bike or a repaint in new colours.
    £550 collected from Oxford
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  2. Looks sound that lot
  3. Thanks! Obviously If someone wanted all the bits that are for sale there is a deal to be done.
  4. Looks a great deal to me tank alone is a few quid you’ll sell it all soon enough
  5. What sort of sprocket cover is that please?
  6. An Aluminium one! sorry for being flippant but I have absolutely no idea!! £20 if you want it!
  7. Ok
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  8. Could do with getting these gone as need the room! Might have to chuck them on eBay....
  9. Will throw in the Evotech guard and carbon lower V for the asking price.
  10. Going up on eBay tonight so will listen to sensible offers
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  11. Done :)
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