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Ducati Performance Igniter 900ss

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by Pauldonjuan, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. I've got these DP AL 9000 7.9 release.. does anyone know the benefit over the std units advance curve, rev limiter etc... Or any info greatly received....

  2. This is what you are after. Remember these modules are fixed. Ignitech is a very good alternative that can be 3d mapped. It depends on the mods you go for. Although looking at this the 7.9 isn't on there... ducati 900ss Ignition advance.jpg
  3. I've had a wee look, the 7.9 is a rare beast it seems.
  4. Hey Ian, Yes I've also found those maps but can't find anything on these apart from a mention they exist. I will just do a back to back comparison with the std ones. Only just realised yesterday that I had these. All great fun.
    Do you have any knowledge on those "Silmotor style" spaghetti headers sold by parts planet?

  5. Paul, certainly going by the number on the igniter I would imagine that the 7.9s were a more aggressive ignition curve than the others. Possibly for a race setup? The lower the number the softer the map.

    I don't know about the Part Planet ones, I got mine from a dealer on eBay in the UK a couple of years back. Got a good price. The cans came from Ducati Kaemna in Germany. They were great although top price. Had an issue with a damaged one and they sent me another sleeve. I'm still using the original as it's a small split so I have a spare sleeve waiting should/when I require. The full system was a long tough decision but I'm glad I did.ive never bought anything from Parts Planet. Plenty of stuff from other dealers in Europe.
  6. Interesting, I will give an update on my thoughts on these igniters tested back to back. They are on a totally stock bike at the moment and I didn’t notice anything really different apart from it wouldn’t ride along at 2500 rpm too well like my other 900’s will, I put that down to needing a carb tune which I’m doing now.
    Dave at dwr wants £600 +post where as p planet I’m negotiating with looking at getting for £440 total ... I’ve already have high level termi’s and Silmotor cans.
  7. Didn’t Mark at madsal do some spaghetti headers a while back.
  8. I can’t find who that is. Any chance of a link.
  9. Yes he did there's threads on here about them. I recently got adjustable pulleys from him. Top bloke
  10. That's a good price!
  11. Thanks for that, I've just sent Mark a mail..
  12. you'll probably find that the more performance centric curves are actually optimised because there is the assurance of better quality fuels.

    If you know you're running your bike only on 98ron for example, you can have your ignition mapped to take advantage of that, thus maximising the combustion stroke. :)
  13. Yes that's exactly what I was thinking too :thinkingface:
  14. Just an update if anyone is interested.
    With the std igniters I'd set the timing spot on with the dots, 6 deg at idle and full advance 36 deg at 2500 rpm.
    With the Ducati performance as a straight swap the idle is now 8-9 degree and full advance is 31-32 deg at 2000 rpm, that's about all I could check with my strobe.
    On the road idle to 2500 is a bit spoilt now, 5000 to 7500 rpm definitely feels like more power. Goes flat at 8000.
    I conclude probably great for a track day but the std igniters are definitely nicer for the road.
    I'll have another play around when I've got the spaghetti headers on, all great fun.....
  15. ok so from what you're saying about low down, I reckon that if the engine had high compression pistons, a lightened flywheel and flatties - that idle would be spot on.
  16. I don't know what would be really happy with 9 degree advance at idle, I doubt it'd be high comp pistons...
  17. high compression and very high quality fuel and fuelling mods.
    it's maximising a burn and so you could take the engine to a higher state of tune. On a road engine which is stock it's all a bit wasted.
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  18. The info I just received from Ducati is that these DP igniters I have are the parts that superseded the originals as the original ones are no longer available... after seeing the difference they can make in now looking to buy the Ignitech. I know nothing about the Ignitech but a quick look I think it's the TCIP4, basic or full version.... do I want maps :thinkingface: Think a bit more research is in order.
  19. In answer, the Ignitech is an awesome unit and fully programmable. It comes with a downloadable map which replicates the very limited advance curve of the standard Kukosan boxes. Even with just the box I noticed a better spark than with the tired original electronics
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