Ducati Planning More V4 Engines

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  1. 2020 seems likely, multi first and must be a streetfighter surely to go up against the tuono. But lets hope they find a better name :upyeah:
  2. And better reliability
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  3. Ducati are developing a cheaper, lower-performance version of their V4 engine for use in new models

    What will make them cheaper? :thinkingface: lower price fasteners and bearings perhaps :)
  4. Than the V4 Pani?
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  5. Yes, the name put me off but I eventually bought one...
  6. Its just so combat trousers and bandit helmets...
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  7. I bet there are a few that wear them on here, and I don’t mean while at work :)
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  8. Tune them down for grunt so less higher speed so less higher priced/stressed parts? The new 1800 goldwing is now limited too 112mph.
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  9. But how do they make the standard pani internal parts cheaper was what I was wondering - they only up spec parts from normal materials in the higher spec models generally? They change the power with mapping so no cost saving there...
  10. Production costs, more an hour maybe because they are making more.

    Or is Ducatui factory still full of people smoking & drinking wine at lunch
  11. The former means the superbike will get cheaper :):upyeah:
    The latter is obviously still the case :thinkingface:
  12. No, they will only pas the cost on for cheaper bikes ;)

    Not sure what 'cheaper bikes' means tbh either. But you do wonder, what makes a paniigale S cost 23k (or whatever) and a Multi S cost 17k...
  13. More parts on the Multi so cheaper :):upyeah:
  14. This is a bit like productivity measure, isnt it. Ad more stuff, means its cheaper: have less stuff, make more expensive.
  15. Maybe a smaller V-4 pani?
    Never mind, just read that there will be no middle weight V4
  16. Hookers are all generally made of the same stuff , kinda do the same job & hopefully get to the same result.

    Yet they vary massively in price ( I’ve been told).

    Maybe simply desirability, image & looks. ( I appreciate this is subjective, but the multi would definitely be described as a BBW on the above website).

    The superbike has always been their flagship model & commanded a higher price.
  17. On that basis the R1 would be double the cost of the V4...
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  18. A V4 middleweight pushing 165 bhp would make and absolute peach of a bike...
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  19. From Ride apart August 10th

    A Cheaper, Detuned V4 Engine in the Works

    Better price, smaller figures
    Earlier this year, Ducati stepped away from its traditional v-twin with the launch of the 1103cc Desmosedici Stradale engine introduced in the Panigale V4. That was only the beginning though, and all the work put in the V4 won't have been in vain. Ducati is apparently working on an entire new lineup of bikes that will use the V4, including more affordable models.

    NOT SO CHEAP: Race of Champions Panigale V4 Fetched $140k
    Would you be willing to trade off power for a sexier price tag? That's the gamble Ducati is going to take: produce a cheaper V4 which, we can hope, should result in a more affordable lineup. However, because the V4 is more complex and takes more effort to build than the standard v-twin, something's got to give and that something will be power.

    According to Ducati, the next application of the V4 we should see will be in an R version of the Panigale V4 displacing less than 1000cc. According to Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali, there will be more applications of the V4 aside from the Panigale and the first model that could switch over could be the Multistrada. It won't happen for another few years, however.

    IT'S MAGIC!: New Diavel 1260 Gets Ducati Magic Treatment
    "It will be more in the future because we think that we don’t want to just take this engine and apply it as it is. The new motor will be one that will be based on this technology but will be much more tuned for longer distance and lower maintenance cost and this is where our development we will focus. It’s taking time because we want to be right, but this is where we are going," Domenicali told Motorcycle News.

    YES, EVEN A DUCATI: Five Used Sportbikes for Under $5,000
    Looks like Ducati will be heavily relying on the new engine for its future production. "This engine is wonderful and actually it is a very strong platform – it is solid. It is obviously very light, but the gearbox, the clutch the engine cases and have been built strong. In due time the top of the range of our bikes will go this direction," said Domenicali.