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Featured Ducati Presents The New Multistrada V2: The Pleasure Of Travelling, Every Day

Discussion in 'Front Page Articles' started by El Toro, Sep 30, 2021.

    • The Multistrada V2 is the new gateway to the Multistrada universe: a comfortable, fun to ride, versatile and technologically advanced twin-cylinder bike
    • 5 kg lighter than the previous version and with improved ergonomics, the Multistrada V2 is the perfect bike to experience the beauty of travelling every day
    • The bike will be available at Ducati dealerships from November 2021, also in a 35-kW version for A2 licence holders
    Borgo Panigale (Bologna, Italy), 30th September 2021 - The first episode of the Ducati World Première 2022 web series (link to the video here) is dedicated by the Borgo Panigale manufacturer to the world of travel, with the presentation of the new Multistrada V2: the ideal bike to enjoy every route, versatile in everyday use and in the city, always with the sportiness and unmistakable style that characterize every Ducati.

    With the Multistrada V2 project, the Borgo Panigale company has worked to further evolve the twin-cylinder of the family of Ducati dual bikes, creating a 360° bike, increasingly intuitive, comfortable, fun and accessible.
    The new Multistrada V2 is a technologically advanced motorcycle, with an extremely complete electronic package and represents the perfect gateway to the Ducati tourer universe, thanks also to the introduction of the 35-kW version for A2 licence holders.

    During the development phases of this bike the main points of focus were ergonomics, weight reduction, engine updates and a series of upgrades that follow the philosophy of "continuous improvement".

    The design of the Multistrada V2 is elegant and sporty at the same time, perfectly in line with the stylistic and recognizable canons of the Borgo Panigale family of dual bikes. A style characterized by fluid lines, clean surfaces and the characteristic and distinctive balance between the important front volume and the slenderness and lightness of the rear. The Multistrada V2 also features new refined graphics, which shows the name of the bike on both sides.

    The new Multistrada V2 is equipped with the latest evolution of the 937 cc Testastretta 11° unit. The desmodromic distribution engine, four valves per cylinder, water-cooled, delivers 113 horsepower and approximately 10 kgm of maximum torque*. This twin-cylinder is very linear, manageable and smooth at low revs, and is equipped with a torque that is always ready and vigorous, which if necessary can release all Ducati’s typical sporty and adrenaline-pumping character. Consistent and robust, the engine has extended maintenance intervals, with oil change every 15,000 km and valve clearance check every 30,000 km.

    The evolution of the Testastretta 11° mounted on the new Multistrada V2 features important improvements: new connecting rods, new 8-disc hydraulic clutch and an updated gearbox, which guarantees greater fluidity and precision in shifting, also facilitating the engagement of neutral. An even more appreciable progress in use in conjunction with the quick shifter, now with a further optimized operating strategy.

    The bike's chassis is agile and intuitive, with a 19" front wheel that ensures a smooth, comfortable ride, always with the right level of reactivity and precision. Extremely versatile, the bike is also ideal for urban use, thanks to the effectiveness of the Ducati Skyhook Suspension EVO semi-active suspension system (standard on the S version), which can absorb roughness and unevenness of the ground and always guarantee the ideal set-up of the vehicle, improving safety and comfort.

    Important development work has been made on the ergonomics of the bike, to make it more comfortable and more intuitive, able to put any rider at ease in any situation. The height has been reduced to 830 mm, with a redesigned shape of the saddle which is now narrower and more compact between the rider's legs to allow you to easily touch the ground with your feet thanks to an inseam arch of only 1790mm.
    These changes provide safety when the bike is stationary and improve confidence when manoeuvring at low speed even with a passenger and full cases. Furthermore, in the Ducati Performance catalogue a low seat and a lowered suspension kit are available which, combined, allow you to reach a height of 790mm.

    The work on the seat also focused on riding comfort: the new shape of the saddle provides a flat area that guarantees the rider freedom of movement in the longitudinal direction, improving the level of comfort and allowing anyone to find the optimal position.

    The riding position is now more comfortable with the new footpegs inherited from the Multistrada V4 which, thanks to a 10 mm increase in distance from the seat, ensure the right amount of room also for taller riders, preventing them from bending their legs excessively, and thus allowing a more restful position during long journeys.

    Another key area of improvement is the reduction in the bike's weight, which, through work on many elements, has resulted in a reduction of 5 kg in weight compared to the Multistrada 950.
    The engine update has produced a saving of about 2 kg, including the clutch (1.5 kg) and its cover, gearbox drum and connecting rods. Various parts of the vehicle have been lightened, including the mirrors, derived from Multistrada V4, the front brake disc flanges and the rims: the new Multistrada V2 mounts rims derived from the Multistrada V4, which are about 1.7 kg lighter, thus generating an important improvement in the dynamic behaviour of the vehicle. Spoked wheels are also available in the Ducati Performance catalogue, which have been significantly lightened.

    The Multistrada V2 is equipped as standard with a state-of-the-art electronic package that offers everything you need to travel in comfort and safety. The package includes ABS Cornering, which guarantees a high degree of safety when braking even when cornering, Vehicle Hold Control, which makes starting on sloping roads easy, Ducati Traction Control, the four Riding Modes (Sport, Touring, Urban, Enduro) completely configurable by the user and the new featured Ducati Brake Light system which, in the event of sudden braking, automatically activates the flashing of the rear light in order to signal the condition of sudden slowing down appropriately.
    In the S version the journey becomes 5-star thanks to a benchmark full-optional package for the segment, which sees the addition of the Skyhook electronic suspension, Cruise Control, full-LED headlight equipped with Ducati Cornering Lights function which optimizes the illumination of the roadway based on the lean of the motorcycle, Ducati Quick Shift Up & Down, Hands Free system, a high resolution 5” colour TFT dashboard with intuitive interface and backlit handlebar controls.

    The colour range consists of the classic "Ducati Red" colour with black rims, available for both Multistrada V2 and Multistrada V2 S, together with the new "Street Grey" livery with black frame and "GP Red" rims, which can only be ordered for the version S.

    For the Multistrada V2 family there are two trim levels that can be ordered directly from the factory. The Essential trim is available for both Multistrada V2 and Multistrada V2 S, while the Travel trim, with side bags, heated grips and central stand, can only be ordered for the S version.

    The Multistrada V2 will be available in dealerships in the Ducati network starting from November 2021.
    The Ducati Performance catalogue also includes a series of specifically designed accessories to enhance the character and qualities of the Multistrada V2.

    On all models of the Multistrada family, Ducati offers the exclusive "4Ever Multistrada" warranty, valid for 4 years with unlimited mileage that relies on the service offered by the entire network of dealers of the Bologna-based company**.

    The dynamic video presenting the Multistrada V2, filmed on the roads of Tuscany in full "Extraordinary Journey" style, is available on the Ducati YouTube channel.

    The press kit with product information and all the photographs of the new Multistrada V2 is available on Ducati Media House.

    #MultistradaV2 #YourEverydayWonder

    * Only in countries where Euro 5 legislation is in force
    ** Only for EU countries
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  1. TLDR
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  2. 19” front wheel again. When will they learn?
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  3. so essentially a renamed 950, with some tweaks to help the vertically challenged.
    I wonder what its price point will be.
  4. 915AD096-BA25-48D4-9336-2C90140B8B96.png
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  5. I think the current 950 in grey/white/red is a good combo, shame they arent continuing it.
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  6. The New Multistrada V2: The Pleasure Of Travelling, Every Day
    so it doesn't use petrol then? :thinkingface: not their fault, but Impact of launch today a little wasted on us over here.
  7. All I want is a V2 1200/1260 lowered like that please for Xmas maybe??
  8. Allows it to be agile and reactive

    Maybe that’s what they need on the V4 to win Wsbk…. ;)
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  9. I like the 19" front on my 950. Didn't think I would but it turns really nicely.
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  10. It's a bit annoying they keep going for lower and lower seat options, I appreciate god hasn't been kind to all in the height department but that's what high heels are for :rolleyes:

    It also feels like a bike that could've been better using the lump from the V2 panigale, but that'd make it too close in bhp to the v4 thus likely steal some sales.

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  11. Looks good. Not much different to the 950, apart from the engine, obviously. The new dash from the V4 would have been good, at least.
  12. Yeah, I’d go for that too. Mind you, my 1200 is pretty much sorted now so other than the height what’s the point.

    Looks much nicer than the V4 though.
  13. it's the same sort of *rebrand* exercise they all seem to be going through post Covid. notice the amount of re-use of components and tightening of belts. I don't think the V2 Panigale engine would have worked at all in this application, it's not designed for long stroke high inertia applications like this. Infact I expect them to kill this engine after the Euro 5 limit expires and expect they will create a long stroke version of the old testastretta that uses shell main bearings and chains for cam drive etc to put into all bikes that aren't sportsbikes going on from Euro6
  14. Looks good. Glad they haven't messed with it too much. Im happy with my year old base 950. It does everything I want it to.
  15. Agreed, I do love my engines power delivery, but some physical degradation (of me) now makes my bike a handful on a camber at a junction etc, so I use my training hack in london now(CBF500) which is so easy. The new KTM 1290 super adventure was easy peasy to handle though.
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