V4 Ducati Racing Seat Question

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  1. I bought the Ducati racing seat today and have just tried to fit it without success. On closer inspection, comparing it with my OE seat, the little oblong rubber pad that is fitted to the part of the seat moulding that locates with the metal tang just behind the tank looks to have been fitted the wrong way round. Could someone please confirm that all 11 of the oblong rubber pads fitted to the seat moulding are flat side visible. Thanks. Andy
  2. I've got one as well but I'm afraid I can't help as I'm away at work for another 4 weeks, sorry. I don't recall any drama when I fitted it though. Good luck :upyeah:
  3. Okay, so I finally gave up and took the bike to Moto Rapido. Turns out that the race seat pad has more padding at the tank end so needed 4 hands to fit it. Do feel quite such an idiot now. The V4 race seat is no 1*98 superpole seat but it is more comfortable than the OE seat and you don’t slide around under acceleration or braking. Andy
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  4. Do you have a photo? I'm trying to work where I need to be sitting on the bike, so I can adjust rear sets correctly. Right now I feel like I'm too close to the tank, and your description suggests the seat helps move you back a tad. AFIX Moto also do tank covers which provide different profiles to achieve the same thing.
  5. Happy to oblige but off to Barcelona tomorrow for a few days. Drop me a PM for when I'm back Friday. Andy
  6. Mine race seat fitted easy enough. It does change the riding position a bit and the extra 10mm of height helps knackered old knee joints cope with rear sets a bit better. The Rizoma rearsets are good, and stop wet feet slipping off which bothered me with the standard ones on.