Ducati Ready To Celebrate The 25th Anniversary Of The Monster

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    • A programme of events and initiatives to celebrate the anniversary of the iconic Ducati Naked bike
    • A special celebratory parade on 24 March in France at the “Sunday Ride Classic 2018”
    • 25 years on from the start of production, Ducati displays a 1993 Monster 900 at the Bologna museum

    Borgo Panigale, (Bologna, Italy), 5 March 2018 – Twenty-five years have passed since the first Monster left the factory in Borgo Panigale, Bologna. Since its presentation to the public and the press at the “Intermot” international exhibition in Cologne in 1992, and its launch onto the market in 1993, this iconic Ducati model has brought a radical change to the world of motorcycles, creating a brand new sector – the naked sport bikes – and generating one of the most devoted communities of enthusiasts.

    It's an important anniversary for Ducati, a moment full of activities and initiatives to celebrate this significant landmark. Among the events is a Monster rally organised in France at the “Sunday Ride Classic 2018”, an international event dedicated to collectors' bikes to be held at the “Paul Ricard” Circuit in Le Castellet during the afternoon of 24 March. Ducati and the European DOCs (Ducati Owners Clubs) involved in the event have called Monsteristi together to stage a racetrack parade to celebrate the anniversary in spectacular fashion. The invitation to take part in this peaceful invasion of the circuit is open to all Monster owners who need only register for the event and turn up at the track.

    March 5 is another date to remember. Exactly 25 years ago, the first Monster came off the Ducati production line in Borgo Panigale, Bologna. This year, to mark the anniversary, an original Monster 900 MY1993 is on display at the Ducati Museum. The bike, obtained via a collector and enthusiast who kept it in excellent condition, is ready to be admired by the museum's thousands of visitors in the room dedicated to this iconic and historic motorcycle.

    Lots more events aimed at celebrating the 25th anniversary of Ducati's first Naked bike are planned for the 2018 World Ducati Week, the world's largest Ducati rally, held every two years, which gathers together thousands of enthusiasts. The event will be held on 20, 21 and 22 July 2018 at the Marco Simoncelli Misano World Circuit in Misano Adriatico. Yet another reason not to miss this fantastic occasion.

    For full information and to register to take part in the Monster parade at the “Sunday Ride Classic” see Ducati.fr.
    The programme of events at WDW2018 will be communicated shortly on the official Ducati website.


  1. I sat on a couple of monsters yesterday. Quite liked it. Then I sat on a multi and it was so comfortable. I fear I may have to go full comfort on the next bike.
  2. CF195F15-E86B-4F4D-9DA2-6D6243A43B23.jpeg 18A9ABD8-027E-4908-A71C-2FCB32448AD4.jpeg My Monster addiction...
    1993 M900, built around April/May of 1993 and owned by me for 15 years & the very epic 1200R, worlds apart but Monster through and through.
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  3. Oh dear oh dear. What on earth do we have here then? Oh farmer of camels, just read this back to yourself. Slowly. You must now have a word with yourself and embark upon a 5 day self flagellation enlightenment. Go on, off you pop.
  4. Happy Birthday to you....
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