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Featured Ducati Scrambler Reveals The New Models For 2022 To Its Fans

Discussion in 'Front Page Articles' started by El Toro, Oct 14, 2021.

    • New 2022 models of the "Land of Joy" presented in the second episode of the Ducati World Première: Ducati Scrambler 1100 Tribute PRO and Ducati Scrambler Urban Motard
    • The Ducati Scrambler 1100 Tribute PRO was created to pay homage to the history of the air-cooled twin-cylinder engine, fifty years after it was first introduced on a Ducati
    • The new Ducati Scrambler Urban Motard is a model with a contemporary look, designed for younger fans of the "Land of Joy" and for all those looking for an easy, fun and sporty bike

    Borgo Panigale (Bologna, Italy), 14 October 2021 - Ducati Scrambler was the protagonist of the second episode of the Ducati World Première 2022 (link to the video here), which saw two new models – Ducati Scrambler 1100 Tribute PRO and Ducati Scrambler Urban Motard, that enrich the “Land of Joy” range for 2022 – presented to enthusiasts from all over the world.

    The Ducati Scrambler 1100 Tribute PRO has been created to pay homage to the history of the air-cooled twin-cylinder engine, fifty years after it was first introduced on a Ducati, which was in 1971.

    Created by Ducati Scrambler with modern-classic bike lovers and motorcycle history enthusiasts in mind, the Ducati Scrambler 1100 Tribute PRO pays tribute to the history and achievements of the Borgo Panigale motorcycle company. For this bike, the Centro Stile Ducati was inspired by iconic Ducati elements of the 1970s, such as the special "Giallo Ocra" livery, the Ducati logo of the time designed by Giugiaro and the spoked wheels, which are black and integrate perfectly with the tones of the celebratory livery. Further distinctive stylistic details are represented by the circular rear-view mirrors and the brown seat with dedicated stitching.

    From a technical point of view, the bike has the characteristics of the Ducati Scrambler 1100 PRO family. It has an iconic and at the same time original design, an agile chassis and a 1,079 cc engine that delivers 86 hp of power at 7,500 rpm and a torque value of 9.2 kgm at 4,750 rpm, characterized by generous torque right from low revs.


    The Ducati Scrambler 1100 Tribute PRO comes standard with three Riding Modes, each associated with different Power Modes and various levels of Ducati Traction Control (DTC). Furthermore, thanks to the front headlight with LED light guide, the bike is always visible and recognizable even during the day.

    Another new model for 2022 is the Ducati Scrambler Urban Motard: a motorcycle created to experience the city environment by making itself noticed through a combination of style, sportiness and fun.

    The name chosen for this latest version immediately evokes the characteristic atmosphere of large cities and is aimed at all those who live the city with energy and enthusiasm. The Centro Stile Ducati has interpreted these concepts through the proposal of a new livery that combines in an unprecedented way colours Star White Silk and Ducati GP '19 Red in energetic graphics, inspired by the world of street art and metropolitan graffiti.

    The Ducati Scrambler Urban Motard is powered by the 803 cc L-twin engine with desmodromic distribution, which delivers 73 hp of power at 8,250 rpm and 6.7 kgm of torque at 5,750 rpm, offering brilliant performance that never becomes intimidating for the rider, guaranteeing great agility in city traffic and fun on itineraries full of curves.

    The reference to the Motard world of this version is clear in the choice of elements such as the 17” spoked wheels, the high front mudguard, the flat seat and the side number plates, which are perfectly integrated into the Ducati Scrambler design.

    The Urban Motard is also equipped as standard with a headlight with LED DRL, a hallmark of all Ducati Scrambler models, which is combined with the rear light with full LED diffusion technology.

    Confirming Ducati's attention and commitment to active safety for its enthusiasts, the Borgo Panigale motorbike manufacturer has chosen to equip all Ducati and Scrambler Ducati models with Cornering ABS, which guarantees high levels of safety even when braking with the bike at an angle.

    The models are also designed for the Ducati Multimedia System (DMS), which enables a smartphone to be connected to the bike via Bluetooth, while the USB socket positioned under the seat is standard.

    The new Ducati Scrambler Urban Motard joins the "Land of Joy" 800 range, alongside the Ducati Scrambler Icon, Ducati Scrambler Icon Dark, Ducati Scrambler Nightshift and Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled models. The Ducati Scrambler 1100 Tribute PRO is part of the range of best performing bikes in the Ducati Scrambler family, together with the Ducati Scrambler 1100 Dark PRO and Ducati Scrambler 1100 Sport PRO models.

    Both new models of the Ducati Scrambler range will be available at dealerships in the Ducati network from November 2021. All Ducati Scrambler models are also available in a 35-kW version for A2 license holders.

    To give fans of the "Land of Joy", the universe that truly represents self-expression in Ducati, an opportunity to express their attitude to customization in the best way, Ducati Scrambler offers a wide choice in terms of clothing and accessories. The clothing line includes helmets, technical gear and lifestyle products (which can be purchased in dealerships or through the online shop), while the accessories collection includes a range of items, such as seats, tank panels and approved exhausts, all viewable through the online configurator.

    The presentation videos of the new Ducati Scrambler models, 1100 Tribute PRO and Urban Motard , and all the original content produced in the “Land of Joy” can be viewed on the Ducati YouTube channel and in the dedicated “Scrambler Media Box” section (link here) on the scramblerducati.com website.

    The complete press kits for the new Ducati Scrambler models with further information and all pictures are available on Ducati Media House.
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  1. So far nothing NEW this year - 2 down - 4 to go..
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  2. I was hoping we'd get new [larger] Monsters today (which have a better claim to be part of Ducati's roots than Scramblers).

    Looking at the titles of the remaining unveils, I think we'll see the Streetfighter V2 in a month's time, but I don't see a title that suggests new Monsters?

    DWP - Ep. 3 | Rule all mountains
    DWP - Ep. 4 | A new fighter in town
    DWP - Ep. 5 | The evolution of speed
    DWP - Ep. 6 | Dream Wilder – DesertX
  3. What information gives you the hope that there will be a new Monster ? Andy
  4. I suspect the 1260 engine is probably coming to the end of its useable life in terms of noise and emissions. I’m not sure we will see a new design v twin engine above 1000cc from Ducati anytime soon.
  5. No information at all :) ...just a guess / assumption in that they've revised the smallest model, and the 1200 models are long overdue an update (imo).

    Looks like I was wrong anyway ;)
  6. All a bit underwhelming so far….
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  7. My understanding is that there will only be the Monster and Monster + going forward. Current business model is to attract new customers to the marque and not look to please existing Monster owners, who to be fair, rarely buy new, even more rarely buy from a dealer and who do their own servicing. No profit in that :joy: Andy
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  8. Excuse me whilst I yawn
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  9. Too much of this Scrambler stuff - none of them do anything for me.
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  10. Looks nice, but I don’t understand why the need for the fanfare.

    I have a feeling the new Streetfighter they’re announcing in a few weeks won’t be the V2 that everyone is hoping for, but the SP that they hinted at a while ago.
  11. Nah…..it’s a V2:)
  12. Warmed over Scramblers. I can hardly contain myself.
  13. Here’s hoping!
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