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Featured Ducati - The Power Behind Silverstone Bike Track Days

Discussion in 'Front Page Articles' started by El Toro, May 5, 2022.

    • Ducati UK announce new partnership with Silverstone bike track days
    • Ducati supply a fleet of Panigale V4 motorcycles
    • Partnership will include Ducati Riding Experience Racetrack Academy

    Ducati UK are delighted to announce a new partnership with Silverstone bike track days. Ducati are joining forces with the home of British Motorsport to supply a fleet of Ducati Panigale V4 for the Silverstone Bike track days. For Ducati and Silverstone this is a natural partnership with Ducati UK based at Silverstone circuit and both brands sharing a similar goal of premium customer experiences.

    There will be 20 Panigale V4’s made available to Silverstone and their experienced instructors. The instructors will use the bikes for sighting laps, track guidance and 1-1 tuition. Track day customers will be able to see the Panigale V4 demonstrating its capabilities at first hand in its natural environment on Britain’s only MotoGP circuit.

    This partnership will culminate in the Ducati Riding Experience Racetrack Academy, training courses that give expert Ducati tuition for those that want to enjoy the thrill of the track. Details and date will be announced in due course.

    The new Panigale V4 is the latest evolution of the Ducati sports bike, continuously improved from the experience gained on the racetrack in MotoGP and WorldSBK. The heart of the bike is the 1,103 cm3 MotoGP-derived engine delivering 215.5hp. Improvements to aerodynamics, ergonomics, engine chassis and electronics has produced a more intuitive, faster bike, less demanding, offering a rewarding experience for all levels of rider.

    Fabrizio Cazzoli, Managing Director, Ducati UK
    “Since 2003, more than 20,000 motorcyclists from all over the world have chosen the Ducati experience to improve their riding. Now this experience is elevating to another level thanks to the partnership between Ducati and Silverstone. We together are synonyms of motorsport, performance, excellence, passion and a long history of success.

    We will develop riding experiences specifically tailored for the skills of the participants and we will culminate with the Ducati Riding Experience Racetrack Academy, a program for those who want to feel the thrill of the track under the guidance of the best instructors in the world”.

    Stuart Pringle, Managing Director, Silverstone
    “Our Bike Track Days are renowned for offering riders the ultimate track experience and with Ducati powering these days, riders will have the chance to have a close look at the Panigale V4 and see how it can perform on track in the hands of our expert instructors.

    “We’re dedicated to delivering outstanding, thrilling, experiences and want to deliver the very best track days. We have a world class circuit for riders to enjoy on their own bikes and as the home of the MotoGP British Grand Prix we also have a unique positioning in the UK. Now, with our Bike Track days powered by Ducati, we’re taking our track days to another level and adding even more value for riders.”

    For more information on Silverstone Bike Track Days powered by Ducati visit: https://www.silverstone.co.uk/track-days/bike-track-days
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  1. "Track day customers will be able to see the Panigale V4 demonstrating its capabilities at first hand in its natural environment on Britain’s only MotoGP circuit".

    A bit ambiguous. Can a punter ride the V4 at Silverstone, or just watch an instructor?
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  2. My reading of the announcement is the Panigale V4 will be supplied to the instructors and most definitely not to a punter. The only time I have seen bikes for hire at Silverstone was on the Ducati day although there is nothing about bikes being for hire in the blurb for the 9th June this year. Andy
  3. What a missed opportunity for potential buyers. I am interested in a new V4S because of the 44Teeth test ride at Jerez, but feel a road test drive simply would not do it.
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  4. Silverstone would be an epic track to test a v4 to its potential too

    Hopefully Ducati provide some good support for this - Silverstone customer service has all but vanished this year with the lack of phone support, email addresses that dont work and a web form that you fill in which says "May reply within 10 days) but from my experience, they disappear!
  5. Not defending DUK or Silverstone (as I wouldn’t) but:-
    I used to do a load of track days with the dealership and got asked more times than I can count if punters could have a go on track on a demo V4. “I’ll be careful etc”
    It’s just not financially viable. Said punter is an unknown quantity and the bike is an unknown quantity to them as well, they haven’t eased into it and could just go hell for leather. Then they can potentially take a £20k+ Bike and totally destroy it in mere seconds as it’s not theirs and they’re not used to it. Most likely unhurt, they get up and say - sorry mate and walk away!
    Cost of trackdays are so expensive you don’t make much money on them anyway so to lose a bike makes them a huge HUGE loss. No one can afford this hence the reason it’s pretty much just not done.
    Fair enough, it can be insured against utilising specialist insurance companies but to mitigate the risk, the premiums are eye-wateringly expensive and almost the value of the bike itself so therefore unaffordable and pointless. It’s just too risky.
    I used to say to punters that they could ride the bike as long as they signed up on a contracting stating they’d pay full retail for the wreck they just created if the worst happened. Guess what, no one ever wanted to. No surprise there.
    You’re not going to be able to push a bike to your limits after a few track sessions so it’s superfluous really. Do exactly as you’re doing, read tests, articles and so on but a road test it probs all you’re gonna get to help make up your mind.
    P.S. I’ve ridden plenty of V4s on track, there’s absolutely no way on this earth you’d be disappointed no matter what your riding experience is, I absolutely guarantee it.
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  6. Can absolutely understand that , but there was a company at european trackdays, renting V4s, cbr1000rrsp, r1m, rsv, mvagusta f3800 etc , great way to try a bike. Ducati are missing a trick, a potentially expensive trick but there is no way i'd want to " watch my instructor on his super uber duperbike" its like saying watch as this massive cocked pornstar rides your girlfriend...you too could do that, if you had a bigger mickey/ buy these growth pills

  7. Instructor: "Just follow me as close as you can- you'll get to see the Pani V4 first hand!"

    *Opens throttle and disappears into the distance.
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  8. I used to hire the latest Panigale at Silverstone when attending Superbike School so can’t see why they can’t be available on Ducati events there.
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