Ducati: The Sound Of A New Era Is Coming. New V4 Release?

Discussion in 'Front Page Articles' started by Rob, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. From Ducati:


    Save the date: The sound of a new era is coming

    Thursday 7 September 2017
    12:00 pm

    Gran Premio di San Marino e della Riviera di Rimini
    Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli, ITALY
    Hospitality Ducati Team
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  2. I hope they stick the engine into a multistrada by 2019. Rob are you still planning on making a seperate forum members map?
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  3. I for one will miss the big twin sportsbikes* :(

    *I of course have no idea what the V4 will bring, so reserve the right to change my opinion at a later date. :)
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  4. No you won't, they're in your garage :)
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  5. Not that I needed an excuse, but it makes the ones I have; more likely to stay in my posession. :)
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  6. V4 lovelyness
  7. Not good wishing my life away like this! Roll on September...
  8. Jeez it'll be here soon enough
  9. Surely, If your just plain lucky, or simply, well WONGAed, and own a pair of V twin Ducati's, you already have a V4.. ?

    1xV2 +1xV2 = a V4 ?
    Equation source, the Noodle Theorem.

    Or is it actually in fact...

    1xV2 ducati+1xV2 ducati=
    1x a VeryVery 4ortunate bastard! ...
    Equation source, very probably, the Robarano Theorem...

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  10. I wish @Noods :laughing:

    Anyway, I just prefer the low down punch of a twin out of the corners and I can't see a V4 offering this. But I stand to be corrected. :innocent:
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  11. Needs to be something special. My fear is its going to be pretty much the same as another Italian brand just slightly different.
  12. To be honest I thought when they brought out the Pani it was a new era however after less than 3 yrs I found myself looking at the older model. 1198/1098 trellis frame and under seat exhaust now that's a Ducati ok it doesn't have all the modern tech but there is something beautiful about its simplicity. I doubt very much I will trade mine in for a new V4
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  13. People are fiercely loyal to their chosen mark and model but they usually come round to the benefits that new technology has to offer.
    water cooled engines have been shunned due to the weight increase but the benefit of better temperature control is clear!
    ABS was thought to be dangerous.
    Fuel injection not as clean as a well set up carb.
    In the end, once the new tech has been refined, we all see and enjoy the benefits.
    I dont think Ducati will stop making twins its just that they will not be at the leading edge of technology and Ducati have to be there to be competitive and to survive.
    A Vincent Rapide or a BSA RGS were superbikes in their day, today they are regarded as ancient tractors.
    Ducati need the V4's so that Chaz Davies and Shane Byrne don't kill themselves trying to keep up with the Jap fours.
    Bring on the V4's if they are not too heavy " i'll be avin one "
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  14. I understand the need for technology the ABS on my panni saved my arse a couple of times stopped the front end from slipping out under hard breaking on lose stone. I've nothing against the advancement of technology it was the loss of trellis frame and under seat exhaust style that I miss and love so much. I've got the SF 1098s and stock 1198 loss of QS I miss and the 1198 has no TC not that I actually miss that as only ever had it cut in twice in 4yrs
  15. I completely agree with you regarding the trellis frame and under seat exhaust, both have a style and beauty that other manufacturers have used but not with such effect as Ducati it will be a shame to lose them.
    Lets hope that the Ducati beauty and magnetism shines through in other areas.
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  16. is that when summers back? :thinkingface:
  17. Balls.
    We all know the only reason you sold the Pani is because you couldn’t turn the wheelie control completely off....
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  18. So if I am not mistaken and if history repeats itself, we will be treated to a cloak and dagger video with some tantalising glimpses of the bike and a sound clip or two. Nothing concrete is set to be revealed until EICMA in November anyway.
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  19. It's going to be epic... has to be.. Aprilia set a high standard with their V4 so Ducati have to raise the bar.. I've not ridden a RSV4 but not read a bad review and would love a go on one.... looking forward to hearing and seeing it..
  20. Then they shoulda jump the gun and made it a V6/+