Ducati To Attend The Bikers’ Classics At Spa-francorchamps With An All-new Xdiavel Special

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    • Ducati at the Bikers’ Classics event in Belgium with the XDiavel
    • Presentation of the special created by customizer Fred Krugger on 1 July
    • Called Thiverval, this special offers a futuristic take on the XDiavel
    Borgo Panigale, Bologna (Italy), 29 June 2017 – Following two concept bikes based on the XDiavel (the XDiavel by Roland Sands and the draXter by the Ducati Design Center), Ducati has now placed its cruiser in the creative hands of Belgian customizer Fred Krugger.
    The result is Thiverval, a fresh, futuristic power cruiser boasting extreme attention to detail; while retaining its ties with the XDiavel, it also demonstrates its potential in terms of customisation.

    Presented in 2016, the Ducati XDiavel is Ducati's take on the cruiser concept: performance and comfort, riding pleasure and relaxed journeying, all combined with a design that has scooped up some of the biggest prizes both in Europe and the USA (Red Dot Design Award 2016 and Good Design Award 2016 respectively), highlighting how the Bologna-built cruiser has smoothly merged two apparently opposing worlds.

    The Thiverval - named after a small race track on the outskirts of Paris - will be presented to the public on 1 July at the Lifestyle Village during the 2017 Bikers’ Classics. Held at Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium, this popular event attracts thousands of vintage motorcycle racing, customised bike and café racer fans.

    Fred Krugger, winner of not one, but two editions of the AMD Custom Bike Building World Championship and one of the world's best-known customizers, wanted to create an imaginative power cruiser that would, however, retain strong ties with the XDiavel and ‘the Ducati DNA’ in general.
    The resulting effect is both original and fascinating. The engine has been left in full view, while the Trellis frame has been deliberately hidden to simplify the lines of the bike. The original headlight has been kept as a clearly recognisable XDiavel trait whereas the superstructures have been completely rebuilt, especially tank and tail, using alternating gloss, matt and chrome finishes dominated by the colour black. The tail incorporates the exhaust and the seat, with the latter, in turn, incorporating the rear light, a gem of craftsmanship that kept Fred busy for days.

    Together with the entire XDiavel world, Thiverval will be at the Ducati stand in the Bikers’ Classics Lifestyle Village on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 July. In addition to the unprecedented special and XDiavel S, visitors will also be able to take a look at Ducati's cruiser accessory and apparel range.

    Photos of the Ducati Thiverval can be downloaded from Ducatipress.com
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  1. We need the email and password for the link - thank you :)
  2. Fukinell !!! :scream: .....no password please........ Just getting over seeing it last time :confounded:
  3. That must be the ugliest Ducati of all time. Convinced now that Harley will buy Ducati.
    Call it a Harlati and it will sell well in the USA.
    Just checked the calendar as I was sure it was not April 1st.
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  4. Harloti?
  5. Omg, please delete, destroy, hide, please do something, that's horrendous!
  6. Utterly hideous!
  7. Bloody Hell, that's making my eyeballs bleed! And I thought it couldn't get any worse.
  8. is that the harley influence all ready??
  9. Tis a bit of a pig. The Xdiavel wasnt my cup of tea to begin with, but what Krugger has done has made it worse. Yanks are shit at design. Even that Ro-Land Sands guys designs are junk. I dunno why he gets cred, cos everything Ive seen of his is shitter than shit. What he did to that desmo is criminal.
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  10. Bloody awful...take it away...
  11. That looks like a 1970 drinks cabinet with a back wheel
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