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Ducati Trackdays At Svieastad Sweden

Discussion in 'Racing & Bike Sport' started by 900swedes, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. 716F597F-5105-454E-8A84-0F82FF647634.jpeg 45F7BD3E-316D-49B6-8625-F7FD529004A4.jpeg 9B9C74B9-3740-4499-BA8E-5A3299C7D8A9.jpeg The last trackdays on the 900ss for this year. Now it will get som mods during winter. I got caught on these pictures.
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  2. Remember reading an article in PB mag a few years back about how strong some of the Ducati clubs are in Sweden.

    Looks awesome.
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  3. A SS is fun bike on track.
    Use to have a track SS as well.

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  4. Awesome pics, 900SS was a dream bike when I was a teenager and I was reading the motorcycle magazines...
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  5. Well that just increases my need for a ride in the Nordics next year...
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