Ducati World Première 2018 - Chat Thread

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  2. Been having a think about this. If it ticks all the boxes, and I have a feeling it might, how much is the deposit down? And what are the realistic waiting times?
  3. Is it just the V4 they unveiling tonight, or the complete 2018 range ??
  4. I believe its more than the V4? I hope to watch but am away working at the moment! I am considering a purchase but after talking with local dealer, the price could be rather high? so would maybe look at an R model 1199/1299.
  5. Scrambler 1100
    Multistrada 1260 DVT
    Monster 821
    Panigale V4
    Panigale 959 Corse
  6. Worth a watch then :upyeah:
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  7. Electric scooter too. ;)
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  8. Definitely. Noteworthy models being.......

    • Two variants of the Scrambler 1100 (the leaked one you have already seen and an Ohlins shod tricked up version). Plus 1100 Cafe Racer to follow next year.
    • Panigale V4 Base, Panigale V4S and Panigale V4 Tricolore (Speciale) with all the bells and whistles. Apparently nudging £30K and comes with 1199SL wheels and 1299SL style exhaust.
  9. The corse painted 1260 I saw on FB looks nice. Looks like a slight redesign of the side fin
  10. Wouldn't surprise me, as they've yet to break into this market.
  11. Pics?
  12. [​IMG]
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  13. Multistrada 1260 allegedly puts out almost 156bhp. :astonished:

    Versions: Multistrada 1260, Multistrada 1260S and Multistrada 1260 Pikes Peak.
  14. I don't actually think the current DVT needs anymore power. Its already 'sportsbike rapid' on the roads when set up correctly.
  15. It's only a 5bhp increase so probably not altogether that noticeable.
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  16. I believe it’s where it develops it and max torque comes in 1000 revs earlier
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  17. It don't matter how you set it up mate, it ain't catching a modern sports bike.
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  18. On the road it will. Unless it’s piloted by Shakey and his fast bike mates of the 90’s
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  19. Through the twisties it's there or there abouts if well ridden but the slightest hint of a straight and the modern crop of sorted sports bike's disappear.