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Featured Ducati World Première 2021 Episode 3: Supersport, E-mtb, Panigale

Discussion in 'Front Page Articles' started by El Toro, Nov 17, 2020.

  1. The keywords of the third episode of the Ducati World Première web series are sportiness and performance, both essential aspects of the brand's values and part of the Ducati DNA.

    The SuperSport and Panigale families will be the protagonists, together with the e-MTB range Ducati powered by Thok. The appointment is on Wednesday 18 November on Ducati.com at 19.00 CET.
  2. What the Thok, no new V2 SF....damn them to hell :rolleyes:
  3. Will the Supersport mirrors still vibrate?:innocent:
  4. They’ve probably realised they’re not a legal requirement. So in the Ducati way there will be a DP option to have them removed at PDI & blanks put in the holes and charge you £260:p
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  5. Whats expected in the Panigale family?
  6. All Pani’s are Euro5 certified now, SP is an 1103 Motor with a dry clutch and carbon rimjobs
  7. Still laughing at he 'Super Sport' , it's anything but :D:D:D
  8. Personally I think they’re both nice looking bikes.

    Can we now have a slightly larger Supersport/Panigale looking bike with a V4 engine, good for 2 up touring please.
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  9. Let's hope the next instalment has something that others would choose to buy.

    V4SP is still 1KG heavier than the V4R, even if the V4R is no longer available in 2021 (as is reported to be). I'd still take off the carbon wheels and put OZ's on it. Just a pity that you have to buy the Akra separately, by the time you've added 1, the price difference isn't justified in my opinion. Just another LTD Edition to sell at a premium price.
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  10. What’s the scoop on V4R in 2021 then, where did you hear it would be discontinued?
  11. Just a rumour ATM. Still plenty available for sale with less than a 1000 miles kicking around.
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