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Dvt 1200

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Stephen Ogden, Jul 17, 2020.

  1. hi , i'm new these forums so please ignore me if i'm rehashing old stuff .i've had my multistrada dvt 1200 3 years and its an awesome handling bike for such a tank and great fun .ive had a few issues but nothing major ,i disconnected the exhaust valve cable as the flap seized every week .This then brought on the engine light ( not sure how the ecu knows ) i didn't know what the engine light was on for and nearly paid to go to the dealer but i had a generic car obd reader that i plugged in and came up with an exhaust valve fault .to my amazement i tried to erase the code and it did ! it kept coming back so i reconnected the cable and drilled out the flap ,they actually spot weld the screws on !.its been fine ever since so fingers crossed .
    i've also managed to break the grey plastic bit that is the quick release clip for the fuel pump pipe ,i read on this site its a motto guzzi part and they sell it separately ,does any one know the part number ?my local ducati / motto guzzi dealer the most unhelpful people ever and have never had any issues with them .there lack of knowledge and help would seriously put me of getting one again as they are that bad .
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