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Dvt 1200s To Hyper 950sp

Discussion in 'Hypermotard' started by IanR, Feb 5, 2020.

  1. Thought I’d drop a quick hello to this sub group having just traded in my 1200 DVT for something a bit more youthful in a 950SP. Picked her up last Thursday and took it out and about in North Wales to get a feel before deciding what, if any, tinkering needs doing. So in terms of weather it was very damp with spots of fog which given that I was on new Supercorsa’s made me cautious with the throttle and also I kept in Touring mode. So first impressions were;

    a) Out of the box suspension set-up appears to be very, very good, in fact probably one of the best of all the bikes I’ve ever had new. That’s probably coincidence for my 86Kg. The Multi from new appeared to come set up for a rider with zero weight and required a lot of suspension adjustment to get it handling comfortably. However with the Hyper after about half an hour I’d almost forgot I had SC’s and felt confident enough to push it harder into the twisties.

    b) It definitely has knack of drawing the adventurous inner self with the torque and handling, looking forward to Spring an better weather! Although the running-in limit is 6k for the first 600mls I found that the torque range from low down with timely gear changes made nippy overtaking possible without even getting close to 6k.

    c) Occasionally I will have a couple of days away and was apprehensive that I wouldn’t be able to mount my Kriega bags based on limited information online regards luggage for the 950’s. The reality is no problem, once I had a chance to inspect the frame more thoroughly with the seat off it was easy enough to attach the fixing straps.

    d) I’d previously tried a 939 SP and found on that I was half way to being on my tiptoes. Not the case with 950 SP, I can pretty much flat-foot. I did however notice that after about 90mins riding my back end started to complain. I don’t really see that as an issue as the limited fuel tank capacity would need regular stops anyway.

    e) Had a short section of dual carriageway and was pleasantly surprised as I expected more buffeting from the wind.

    f) The DQS was very smooth in 4,5 and 6 but a bit clunky for 2 and 3. This may be normal as its the first time I’ve had up and down.

    To summarise, when I got the 950 home I was well pleased with my decision to buy based on my requirements of wanting a bike that I could blast around the Peak District and North Wales with the odd couple of away days. In comparison, when I got off the Multi my thoughts were great bike but what’s with the suspension set-up.

    In terms of planned changes and additions. I’ve already swapped the SC’s for Rosso III’s which are better suited to the type of riding I do, however the SC’s have been cleaned up and will be utilised for the odd track day that I will do over the summer. Next week Ill be taking the 950 to TW Suspension in Preston for some final suspension tuning for the road although I think the set-up is pretty close anyway. This will also help in my decision on the steering damper in the long term as the jury seems out on this addition so first choice is for a £40 suspension tune as opposed to just throwing on a £600 Ohlins. I’ve to get a few crash protection bits and bobs but that’s all that’s planned for the moment.

    Here a pic from the first run out.

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  2. Hypers rock! Glad you like it.
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  3. Good write up of you first experience. Awesome bike. A mate calls mine "hypermental" which I think is a good summary.
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  4. I rode my mates hyper 1100 about five years ago and something about it stuck with me. Took a risk and didn’t test ride the 950 before purchasing but it’s paid off. Ducati’s best kept secret!
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  5. Amazing bike and a nice write up! Enjoy :upyeah:
  6. Just to follow up on having the suspension tuned. For my weight of 86kg kitted the factory default was close on preload, 2 clicks added on the front and about 10mm added on the rear. Compression and rebound are a personal thing but The only adjustment was a slight increase on the compression. IMHO Factory default is good for a middleweight!

    One other observation, this bike turns heads! More positive comments in three weeks than I ever had in four years of DVT ownership.
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  7. I am the same weight and pretty much just left the front alone and softened up the rear 2 clicks for a better highway ride, it was a little rough over pumps. This also made the rear stick in corners better than before. This thing hugs corners better than ever.
    With more time, I may experiment some more with suspension tuning.
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  8. I loved my 939SP

    Do they do the Journey seat for the 950 as it transformed my 939 into mega comfy

    Suspension is a bit hit and miss as mine came from the factory set for track so i think it may depend on who at the factory fitted the shocks MicK Gardner racing in Barnsley are very good Ohlins specialist to save you travelling so far

    I only got rid of mine because after 3 trips to spain on it i could no longer face the 250 mile drag each way to Portsmouth on the motorway
    I could ride all day on A and B roads at high speed but motorways destroyed me
  9. I think you could be right about the suspension set for track bias on the SP wonder if it’s the same for the standard? I don’t mind that though and I believe there is a comfort seat which is also a long term option for the day or two away.
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