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  1. Out of curiosity has anyone had their 1260 Multistrada Dyno'd and would you be willing to show us the graphs.

    That would really interest me, as an owner of a 2014 twin spark.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi,
    done by a german local magazine.


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  3. Well done Faxxe for finding this and thanks for sharing.

    Observations Power
    My 1200 M/S is specced at 150 bhp and Dynos at 135 bhp. Which fits with specification power at the crank and dyno at the rear wheel
    The 1260 is specced at 156 bhp and Dynos at 158 bhp. I cant explain the 2 numbers being the same however, even taking into account different Dyno machines and atmospheric pressure thats a healthy increase of 20 bhp. Can't hide my disappointment at that :(.

    Observations Torque
    My 1200 is specced at 87 lb ft and dynos at 89 lb ft, with approx 67 lb ft at 3000 rpm.
    The 1260 is specced at 96 lb ft and dynos at 97 with approx 63 lb ft at 3000 rpm.
    Not quite as cut and dried as the power curve.

    BTW my bike has standard exhaust and air filter, but has had some ECU work done.

    I dont think I will be cashing in any more pensions just yet. Thank God.

  4. A couple of screen shots Screenshot_20180224-211332[5120].png Screenshot_20180419-202837[5117].png
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  5. Thanks dddd Here's the Dyno sheet from Mine
    Dyno Sheet - Copy.jpg
    The red line is the standard 1200 twin spark the blue line is after the ECU work. As you can see the torque curve is significantly improved, but those sheets you shared are better.

    Bummer, looks like the data backs up the riders comments.

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  6. Any sheets with a stock 1260 compared to a Termignoni kitted 1260?
  7. I think Rider magazine just did a comparison test with the Multi and the KTM SAS, and it shows the dyno charts for each.
  8. Thinking of upgrading to Race Termignoni on my 1260 but still havn´t found any comparisons on Stock vs Termi + upmap yet. Anyone ridden both, what to expect?
  9. F6A9E3CF-EDD1-4CBE-8D00-70AAA578CEBB.jpeg C593B29C-C5E8-4BDC-BA3B-2438ACC1727C.jpeg Sorry for the very late input to this thread. I’m very interested in the 1260 Multi, probably the Enduro. I was having some trouble finding good dyno (rear wheel power) numbers for the new platform. The info on this thread sounded a little suspicious to me. 158 HP on the dyno for an engine spec’d At 156 isn’t possible. Suruppak’s info on the Sept, 2018 comparison article led to the correct charts (imho). See attached. Very nice power and torque curves. Now I’m even more interested.
  10. I've just seen a graph for a 1260 M/s with a standard exhaust after visiting hilltop and note the following from the same Dyno:-

    at the rear wheel (my TS has a standard exhaust too)

    My Twin spark M/s power 135.4 bhp v 1260 - 137.3 bhp

    My twin spark M/s Torque 89.1 ft lbs v 1260 - 90.2 ft lbs

    The main difference is that 1260 makes a lot more torque from 4K.

  11. I would hazard a guess that it's more about 'rideability' than headline figures.
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  12. Completely agree.

    However these are figures AFTER Hilltop have worked their
    Magic on both bikes .

    I would rather have my Twin Spark after Hilltop work than a standard 1260.

  13. Well did my enduro 1200 a year ago with full termi and showed 141 hp at the rear wheel. Mind you it varies from DINO to DYNO sadly no torque figures and no before figureseither
  14. Cycle World Dyno numbers


  15. Just waiting for the first clown with a GS to maintain that they're faster......
  16. 2 clowns on gs's do?

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  17. The new 1250 is isn't it :worried:
  18. not a chance. Well, not in straight line
  19. It's not from Termi, but from this mob: http://www.qdexhaust.it/en/

  20. What's going on at 7.5K. Looks a right mess.

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