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E Bay High Level Pipes.

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by HICKSY#86, Nov 18, 2019.

  1. Spark are pretty decent. As a slip on they're all much of a muchness and in the case of SS owners wanting high level pipes you're pretty limited anyway.

    They sit higher than the superlight ones, thats for sure.

    You might need to space the indicators lower as a result.
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  2. Beware of that seller , complete arse in my experience , think someone else on here had trouble recently as well
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  3. just seen he's in Napoli...
    yup be cautious, as they're Italy's equivalent of a pikee and scouser cross.
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  4. OI
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  5. well they replace the shell suit with an interesting blend of skin tight jeans and a puffer jacket... and rhine stones.. you gotta have rhine stones.
  6. I bought a set of those pipes by the photo on the eBay posting(same seller). They turned out to be the low set and it was an absolute hassle to try and get the high rise set. I would be very wary about dealing with this guy! I ended keeping the low set(I have a '97 model I can use them on)as I didn't trust sending them back through eBay. Check the numbers on the advert to make sure they are correct and the photo matches what he's advertising. The pipes themselves are a nice bit of kit though. DSCN2079.JPG
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  7. I looked at their pictures and it looks like they have a low pipe that looks similar to a high termingnoni or Ferracci.
    The high pipes look even higher than that, Almost too high?

    So what should one order to get the look of an SL high pipe or Ferracci?

    They list these as low pipe[​IMG]

    And this as thier High Pipe
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  8. I ordered the set that is in the top photo and what they supplied is the low pipe that mounts to the std rear footpeg bracket. DSCN2116.JPG When I checked the part number that's what they are but the photo is incorrect. It's not in any of the their photo's and I tried to advice that it was wrong but you can't contact them easily. Are there any other suppliers you can use!? Silmoto do a nice Superlight pipe with correct brackets and all hardware.
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  9. Plus one for the Sil Motor cans. Sound better than Arrow and Termi imo 20190525_084327.jpg
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  10. Nothing wrong with a Sil Moto can. Screenshot_20191126-091705.png
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  11. I’m confused, you posted a picture of high pipes that do not show them mounted to the rear passenger peg?

    Do you have an installed picture of the pipes you received?

    Also those pipes should sound like Termignoni’s?
  12. So the Spark cans I received fit in the std position of a 900ss. I've not mounted them and they are still in the box(spares). The photo is of my '97 model with cans mounted in the std position. So the Spark cans supplied fit like this and not as in the top photo on eBay as the low pipes! It does get confusing. DSCN2062.JPG
  13. My Superlight needs one of those centrestands in its life.
    Tell me more obi-wan yea-nah-bi :)
  14. Its made by "Anderson" stands in Australia and came with the bike when I got it(last year), so I'm not sure they are still available but we have made them ourselves for a Superlight(not my bike). I could give dimensions if that helps? Nigels 900 Superlight.jpg
  15. Another option are BOS pipes, can get them in stainless or carbon, I'm impressed with the quality of mine.
    Lovely note too.

  16. Is there an Australian distributor for BOS?
  17. Not as far as I know mate, bought mine on ebay from UK.
  18. That would be brilliant as I have a tame fabricator, and could just draw up the plans and stick them up on the forum if you're happy.

    Bos pipes are very good, but it's just the finding high level pipes at the moment.
    There was a guy doing link pipes for 50mm cans but he doesn't make them anymore.
    Broaden your search to 888 and 851 slip on high level pipes as they were the same unit.

    I might need to measure my pipes and make a drawing for link pipes as then it opens up a nice new avenue for all, and on top of that you get to play with exhaust springs which are always cool.

    If you do find anything in the uk, it won't be a problem for you to buy it, deliver it to me and i'll ship it over if the seller isn't up for sending it to oz.
  19. Steve Bailey made link pipes
    MADASL are making Spaghetti headers again too
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