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Ear Plugs - Yes Or No?

Discussion in 'Clothing, Gadgets & Equipment' started by duke63, Jun 27, 2018.

  1. Reading through a few threads on here recently, I'm quite amazed how many riders do not wear ear plugs at all.

    Do you not value your hearing?
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  2. Must admit i don't.
  3. Yes I do for the last 10 years but unfortunately it was too late for me double tinnitus. Look after your ears youngsters
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  4. Recently started and really miss them when not in now.
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  5. Been wearing plugs my whole riding life, feel lost without them.
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  6. Throw money at expensive lids thinking they are quiet, a few pence on ear plugs will sort it for the most part.
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  7. Ahh, but with the Katoom and Akra, quiet lids AND plugs are ideal...:D
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  8. Never worn earplugs. Long runs, I usually have Spotify on through the scala.
  9. A lifetime of noisy motorcycles and working on building sites has in the past few years had a great detrimental affect on my hearing.
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  10. Always wear plugs-once it’s gone it’s gone,protect your ears.
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  11. Always wear plugs-once it’s gone it’s gone,protect your ears.
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  12. Always. Drives me insane if I forget them before I set off.
    Life long engineer on gas turbines conditions me to ear protection.
  13. They have engineers on gas turbines ?? :thinkingface:

  14. Need to protect what little hearing I have left and after years of yellow foam jobbies, I now wear custom made soft silicone ones. Oddly whilst reducing a lot of the wind noise, I can still hear the Sena SRL. Andy
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  15. Never worn them, never had an issue, but I wont fit a Lithium battery on my older Ducati's as I don't want to burn my ears off :eek:
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  16. Never bothered, didn't really think there was that much noise.
  17. Never bother and it is personal choice so will not ever wear them.
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  18. I now always wear quality custom fitted ear plugs. Unfortunately I have to live with Tinitus from years of not wearing ear protection. It's horrible to always live with the high pitch whine and makes following conversations in pubs and other noisy environments really difficult.

    If you value your still intact hearing it's a simple and effective way to protect it.
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  19. Never used to but now all the time . Saying that just nipped out to a cash machine and didn't put any in. Bike sounded overly loud and I was almost embarresed riding back into my close . Sat here in the quite with a nice constant tone in my ears .
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