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Ear protection

Discussion in 'Clothing, Gadgets & Equipment' started by 998gsb, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. I've used alpine motosafe ear plugs for ages - but have just discovered I've lost them!!. I cant get on with normal foam plugs as they hurt my ears after a few miles....plus i dont like the total noise blackout - with the Alpines, you can still hear whats going on around you, it just blocks a certain frequency.... before buying some more - just wondered what everyone else uses - anyone tried the custom moulded ones ? Riding without them is not an option as the Arai RX7 is quite noisy at speed. Any recommendations ?
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    Made some using one of these kits about 2-years+ ago now. Bit scary to do initially and needed the wife's assistant but they kit does what it says on the tin and no trip to A&E was required. They are washable and bright orange so you don't loose them! Much cheaper than custom made ones but essentially the same. Oh and they work too! I struggled with foam plus but these fit perfectly and don't fall out of my ear. Hope this helps.

  3. I've got some custom made ones, I gave up with the foam ones a long time ago!
  4. I must have sensitive ears because I just want the highest rate of attenuation regardless of other considerations. (I found the Alpine ones nowhere near 'strong' enough. And I had to switch from Arai to Shoei as my Viper was just too noisy.) I've tried and abandoned the custom ones, because they just don't fit snugly - how can a hard mould fill the ear canal like foam? - and therefore don't block enough noise. I've pressed the people at ultimate ear | Ear Plugs | Hearing and Ear Protection London UK at this and even they conceded that their SNR rating won't match the best foam ones (39 SNR). So for me it's foam every time, and it's worth experimenting for fit as they come in many shapes. (A lot of the obvious online emporia do sample packs.) As I used to say in the old place whenever we talked earplugs, the best evidence that foam disposables are optimal is what MotoGP etc racers use: they have the best money can buy in every other respect, and they all use them.
  5. Large box of decent quality foam disposable ones from Screwfix. Cheap enough to use once or twice and throw them.
  6. I cant wear foam ones - they hurt my ears rapidly..... guess i'll stick to the Alpine ones or investigate some custom ones.
  7. My brother paid the best part of £300 for a pair of custom made plugs, from the bike show.

    I, on the other hand, bought a Schuberth...
  8. I don't use any protection......

    ......too old to worry about going blind (sorry, I mean deaf).

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  9. I've used Howard Leigh laserlites for years, always got on well with them and they're very inexpensive!
  10. 998gsb, just my tuppence worth after many years riding - I stopped using my custom ear plugs since they were too variable, maybe because they aren't a snug fit since you don't compress them to put them in.
    I use the EAR Soft plugs the same as Cobbett. I only use them once a ride and have found that the best technique with soft plugs is to only compress the very tip of the plug and no more or they will insert too far and cause an uncomfortable feeling in your ear canal.
    998gsb, can you pm me to let me know if you and your pals are going to Misano WDW again this year and if so how do you carry luggage. It looks difficult on my 999S.
  11. I use these, at work and on my bike:

    E.A.R Express Ear Plugs

    Hearing protection is compulsory at work, its a very noisy job. I`ve used this style of earplugs for 17 years with no ill effect, the insert stem keeps the foam part clean (from dirty fingers). Passed my last hearing test last month no problems.
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  12. If you use the foam ones make sure you fir them properly, don't just ram them in.

    Dull vid, but worth a watch, makes huge difference in both comfort and projection! :upyeah:

    Fitting Foam Earplugs - YouTube
  13. Very true. Few bother to get it right I reckon.
  14. I got some ear plugs called EAR PADS, the little rubber christmas tree looking things with built in noise reduction in the stem, about 25 quid, seem to work quite well, can still hear the engine and other traffic, talk, all though I do shout at people when wearing them, my only problem is my right ear is a funny shape and have trouble with the plug coming loose.
  15. Pardon....
  16. There's a guy on ebay (Midland-Moto) who does a selection of 8 different types for £1.79. I found this really helpfull in trying to discover the ones I liked best.


    Some I found uncomfortable, too hard, not quiet enough.

    I eventually settled on the Howard Leight Max (for maximum protection) or the Earsoft for good protection and real comfort. At under £7 for 30 pairs you can throw them away after a couple of uses
  17. That's a good tip, thanks. (Though note the Earsoft FX not the Howard Leight Max is maximum protection: 39 SNR to the Howard Leight's 37.)
  18. If you go into one of those shops that sell work clothes and safety equipment etc, you can pic up a set for 10p, so £2 for 20

    Called pura-fit by Moldex Moldex 7700 Pura-Fit Ear Plugs Box 200 pairs

    All you do is twist them between thumb and finger and push them in

    The quietness is dependent on how far you push them in

    Would thoroughly recommend trying them
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