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Early 851 Strada Monoposto Rear Light Surround

Discussion in '851 / 888' started by Fire3500, Jan 8, 2021.

  1. Well, the rear light surround has proved elusive in the two years I've owned my 851, so I finally plunked down for a replica... and it's pretty decent!

    It's a slightly flexible plastic and when it arrived I thought it was warped but cleverly it straightens out perfectly when bolted up. Looks indistinguishable from a couple of feet away.


    Hurray! :D

    I did the decent thing and ordered two of them... the last two I believe from a passion project of a contact I have in Perugia. If anyone is stuck for the same then feel welcome to PM me. They were not cheap, but as the only one I've seen come up in the last two years was imperfect and almost £300 (!), this was money well spent at £150 (for a bit of plastic... jeez).

    Having repaired the original twice now and had it re-break (vibration while riding I assume) this more flexible one could be just the ticket.

    Bring on the good weather!
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  2. Hi there, I’m after just that piece if it is still available? Please let me know!
  3. Message sent
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  4. Check Redfox Grinta
  5. They don't have them.
  6. The issue with 3d printed will be the finish. I'm all for 3D printed bits, and if it keeps a bike on the road then bravo say I, the more people that are willing to get creative and produce parts the better. I had some decals from @bridgeland and they were spot-on so I'm sure his quality will be very good. :)
  7. Hi gents - the rear light surround will be printed using SLS using powder and lasers in nylon dyed black. I am waiting for samples of the surface to make sure they don’t have the classic filament printing layer lines.

    The surround is this style for the SP2 and SP3, so not sure if this the surround that @John 851 is after. CB0974F8-7BC8-4300-8A5E-0A772D0EF58B.jpeg 4F6DBCC7-6C30-4B40-B030-05A80A143D59.jpeg
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  8. Yep, that's the one.
  9. Great project! I would be interested when you have more details.
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