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For Sale Ebay Bikes

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Rob, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. Have a bike on ebay or just seen a bargain that might be of benefit to the Ducati community? Post it in here.
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  2. Nice signature on the mot,:/
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  3. ALEX THE SPANNER MAN. Fist plus crayon jobby
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  4. On that basis my 749r is worth about 18k. I've asked if he wants to buy it, although he specifically states all part ex will be at book price and he doesn't want expensive offers?!
  5. They don't care really. That cat b r1 sold on there no problem despite being reported
  6. It's a great pity that the increasing number of pikeys on ebay now are ruining it for genuine and honest sellers.I look at something desirable on ebay and my first thought is 'what's the catch?
    I reckon now that if what I want is not within easy reach of verification I will not bother.Perhaps a negative way of looking at things,but a fool and his money are soon parted.
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  7. Hi All, new on here, got my Duc on ebay 2009 1198s for sale
    item no 161332030581
    Also on motoforum.net
    Bike will be at cadwell 11th July,
    In excellent mechanical order, done less than 500 mile since full rebuild with new gearbox.
    Any info req'd please email as I'm offshore for another week
  8. potential bargain despite 'slight problem' - take an expert with you :- Ducati 748 | eBay
  9. Broken link on tapatalk?
  10. Is it me or do none of the links work?
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  11. More pictures will help you sell your bike. Second image is a little unclear. Some nice close ups of shiny things at nice angles will also help draw attention.

    The old adage that bullshit baffles brains defo fits in regards to eBay ads!
  12. Also 10.2 could be solved with a new relay, obviously you already know this!
  13. Did try that, new one plus I relocated it up to the top of the battery. Still crops up now and again.
  14. Thanks for the picture advice, may add some more.
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