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For Sale Ebay Items

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by Rob, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. Have an item on ebay or just seen a bargain that might be of benefit to the Ducati community? Post it in here.
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  2. Hmm. 1098R motor for 1800 euro. Nice, begging for a 996 chassis to house it.
  3. Would need clear plastic covers over the cutouts to stop cat hairs getting everywhere. Still a very nice thing mind.

    COLLETTORI IN TITANIO DUCATI 1098 848 WPR.exhaust | eBay

    Was eyeing these until i found the termi 70mm pipes. Useful for someone...
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  4. Very nice LTD edition ducati for a bargain compared to later 996R/998R models but then im biased.It has £4000 worth of extras just for AP brake kit and ohlins r&t's for starters.

    Ok so you could have a 1098s for this money but the older desmoquattro bike will provide more raw uncivilsed fun on UK roads and will hold its value better also.Nothing to do with me I might add.

    I would add some carbon wheels as mine made a massive difference to acceleration and handling for the perfect road bike.

    Ducati 916 SPS | eBay
  5. Akrapovic evo systems beat termi's in every respect sound better look better and much better build quality.The one on my 916sps makes the standard 50mm termi full system seem shite.Only kept hold of termi system in a box now in case I sell bike so can put it back to standard.
  6. I got 108mm gold brembos from a 2012 GSXR1000 on my 916. ;)
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  7. The guy listing these is a bit of a, let's say, not telling the truth they are NOT magnesium, and as matt said, they are around £700 direct from Moto Corse, I know as they where mine :-(
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  8. I have: RUE45Y on my ZX6R and will most likely swap it to the 999 :D
  9. Does that say Ducati too? £50,000
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