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749 Ebay Mistake ?

Discussion in '749 / 999' started by Skye Hook, May 4, 2024.

  1. anyone know where to get a radiator/oil cooler protector? seem a bit thin on the ground or very dear.
    saw someone selling titanium mesh withg no visible fitting holes/brackets, what's that all about?
    Fork Tubes are now OUT! we are in business.
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  2. OK, that job is done! quite nice to re-acquaint oneself with the idiosyncracies unique to the marque, some swearing accompanied by a noticeable learning curve.
    brand new Showa forks from Pirinimoto in Italy £350..beat that.
    Oberon slave cylinder is in the post so that's next job, but she is ready to ride now and fettling is optional as we go along.
    anyone got rad/oil guard ideas? have you just made one yourself from mesh?
    the tank protector is really shabby, carbon look thing, how do you get that off? what to replace it with? IMG_1115.JPG IMG_1116.JPG IMG_1117.JPG
    anyways, the ressurection begineth!

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  3. Bargain on the forks :upyeah:

    Hot air gun for the tank protector.. peel very carefully...I once pulled off the top coat:worried:
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  4. And anyone know the stack height (ideal) for the clutch plates,? It has a terrible shudder and clutch engages at the end of the lever travel, so not good.fitted a new Oberon slave cylinder which has lightened up the clutch nicely,but the old plates look a bit glazed and ropey, 2.9mm thickness on the friction plates, ordered a new set of them and will clean up all the steels.
    also, I know that the springs are tightened up to around 5Nm,but without a teeny torque bar it is going to be guess work, so would you say tighten up till the springs don't move nd then slacken off from that, like a turn or two?
  5. thanks for that Raj, what do you stick the new one on with?
  6. They normally have a sticky side.
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