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Euro 5 Decat Options

Discussion in 'Hypermotard' started by IanH, Jul 30, 2021.

  1. Looking at options of a decat for the Euro 5.

    Ducati have changed the design of the cat from springs to clamps so the older models won’t fit ‍♂️

    Also unsure if the silencers are the same as nothing is showing yet for the 2022 model.

  2. The silencers are still the same as i fitted a set of Termigonis today , i wondered the same about the decat .
  3. I'm sure I read somewhere that Euro 5 regulations required exhausts be 'one piece' to discourage aftermarket exhausts / slip ons, but I couldn't find that reference again.

    However, if true, that might explain the switch from springs to clamps.
  4. I think that might explain why the newer Scrambler models have 'one piece' header. They completely discarded the springs used to connect the two headers with the Y tube that go to the exhaust. Now it's just 'one piece' all the way from the header to exhaust.
  5. I think its the CAT part that must not be easily removeable, hence why many are now welded to the headers rather than attached by springs or clamps.
  6. That looks horrible. I much prefer the springs.
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