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European Breakdown Cover

Discussion in 'Touring' started by Ebbs73, Dec 19, 2019.

  1. Hi

    I've googled a looked at a few but any recommendations , clearly if you've got cover but not used it it's hard to say .

    I'm off to Germany in Jan and the thought of breaking down in the cold !

    I've never had it and have always managed to get stuff sorted out but the old man in me is starting to wonder

    Thank you

  2. Sounds like you just need AA/RAC coverage & they throw in 90days EU cover in one stint per year. Obviously check that I'm not giving you bad information but I'm all for being a longterm member as this gives you a fair amount of welly. When it comes to been fully in the shit'
  3. I’ve used Holidaysafe for the past few years.
  4. Check your insurance, quite a few policies include it. I know mine does with BeMoto.

    I’m presuming you’re mad enough to be going on a bike in January?
  5. I'll have a look at all those , I'm with auto aid here but I've had nothing for Europe before .

    Yes bike , heading for the elephant rally again , no idea why !

    I go to Europe 5/6/7 times a year so a stand alone policy would be great .

    Thank you the replies .

  6. you can get ADAC cover i believe
  7. I have both RAC European breakdown cover (included as part of my BeMoto Titanium bike insurance insurance package) and the HolidaySafe motorcycle specific holiday insurance (Premier, Annual Multitrip). Luckily I've not had to use either so can't comment on how good they are if you need to make a claim. Attached are policy details so you can see what's covered by each policy.

    Attached Files:

  8. Thank you

    I'll have a nose at all the suggestions , hopefully I won't be able to tell you now good the recovery is .

  9. Anyone had cause to use breakdown cover after an accident.
    Reason I ask is, when my mate dropped his bike on the snow in France and broke his leg, he thought he was ok as he had RAC breakdown cover. When he phoned them they refused to recover him or his bike saying he was only covered for breakdown not accident. They were prepared to retrieve him and his bike though at a fee of £175 plus £1 per mile from Milau to Swansea :eek:
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  10. I’ve just had a renewal quote from Holidaysafe for my Premier Annual multitrip and it has more than doubled. They also declined to entertain any claim associated with the Coronavirus, stating that it is for the tour operator/airline/hotel/credit card company to deal with it. Not sure what I actually paid for now. Andy
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