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Everyday I Wake Up A New Man

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by cornerhungry, Nov 30, 2019.

  1. Hello DucatiForum UK. I'm Mike a SoCal Ducatisti. I'm a long member of another US. Ducatiforum but I thought I'd give this one a try as well. I've owned a handful of docs over the years but currently in the garage are a 2002 748 and a 2020 Multi1260 Enduro. I sold my truck a while back So I commute daily on the multi and the 748. I hope to be a great addition to the community and look forward to reading through the great library of information these forums keep.

    IMG_8028.jpg IMG_0861.jpg IMG_8028.jpg IMG_0861.jpg
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  2. Welcome messy garage dude. :) :upyeah:
  3. HA, tell me about it. Thats an old pic. I've moved since then and seriously cleaned out and re organized the new space. NEW space is a much better space for wrenching on bikes.
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  4. Welcome fella :):upyeah:
  5. Welcome Dave
  6. who's Dave ?
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  7. Everyone’s Dave.
  8. cool , Thanks, Dave :cool:
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  9. welcome cornerhungry, that electrical socket not been level is leaving me in a rash!
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  10. Welcome American dude, we have a few in here
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  11. Welcome to the Forum Mike:upyeah:
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  12. His name’s Dave, Dave :)
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  13. Ha
    Tidy compared to mine...
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  14. Oh yeah, silly me, sorry Dave :(
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  15. Welcome - did you know there is an optional seat you can fit on a 748 ?

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  16. Welcome and enjoy.
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  17. Welcome. 748 in the RIGHT colour. Cool.
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  18. I wonder if they make a sport back version.This might give my back a rest while spinning laps at the local track.
  19. Is that the legendary but elusive DP comfort seat??
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