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Featured Exact Start Cables On My '94 750ss

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by CAT3, Dec 25, 2020.

  1. Santa's been & delivered a pressy from my children. They obviously they start to listen to your hints when they get to their late twenties, early thirties ! Thanks kids :heart_eyes:
    Another little job to keep me amused while I'm furloughed !! :upyeah:
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  2. When fitting be watchful of the positive lead and the under side of the tank!
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  3. that's a good point Anthony, i'd also add to remember that red is the positive one. :upyeah:
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  4. What does the red one do then ?
    Maybe that's why Ducati tanks are red !
  5. If only Exige was here to help out. It would be noice of him'
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  6. He can be contacted directly at this address

    [email protected]
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  7. I'm sure I'll be able to work out the best way to carry out this task guys, if all else fails I can follow the fitting instructions !:joy:
  8. They work great, just hope you don’t have the same problem I did getting the battery box out of the 1098. World’s worst design!
  9. I've not had a proper look at the original cable routing between the battery, solenoid & starter-motor yet, but the 750SS, like the 400/600 & 900 versions, is a very simple bike & once the fuel tank is hinged up, access to the battery area is quite easy. I was hoping I shouldn't need to remove the battery tray as from what I remember when I changed the coils a year or so ago, the cable routing was quite accessible.
  10. Fitted to my 900 in the summer. Straightforward job hampered by a corroded starter motor terminal. Had to saw it off then drop the back of the motor and replace the bushes/terminal. To do that had to remove the oil cooler pipes. On the 900 there is a splitter on the +ve lead that goes to the solenoid which can be binned as the new lead goes direct. Good kit and should have done it years ago..
  11. what’s happened to Exige? Does he not frequent the forum anymore?
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  12. Rehab is a difficult process for some folks.;)
  13. yep, i miss old Rightie :sob:
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  14. I guess he doesn't want conversation with us plebs no more since his elevation on that other channel.:p
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  15. QVC ?
  16. Don't be silly he wouldn't leave these shores for any women.
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  17. I clearly have had my head in the sand the last few months, surprised as I watch C4 news every night.
  18. He is contactable through his website.
  19. I have a set of these to fit to my father in laws 1996 900ss, how easy is it to get to the starter motor etc to fit as i don't currently have access to the bike to have a look?
  20. If you look at post #6 Jamie, you will see the contact details for the manufacturer.
    There is a flexible boot that goes over the starter motor connection, and although it serves a worthwhile purpose, if it’s neglected, it can work against this. It’s also much harder to remove in the cold weather which doesn’t help but I always fill mine with either copaslip or red rubber grease. It’s always worth just prising this back a little from time to time to check that there is not moisture and corrosion going on out of view.
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