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For Sale Exact-start Cables / Timing Belt / 2v Coil Kit Link: Forum Discounts!

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by Exige, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. Evening pal, I reckon I need about 2ft of cable all together. If it’s black earth I can just shrink wrap some red on for the live. If you have a length knocking about pal that’d be great. Cheers
  2. This is the only one anywhere near - 2ft cock on from the 90 degree terminal bend to the hole centre of the straight connector. 90 degree terminal in M8 clearance, straight connector is M6 clearance.

    I also have a red cable - straight connectors M6 clearance both ends at just over 2' 4" if you can re route the extra.

    If any good drop me your address on a PM - I can post Friday.

  3. Hi Exige,
    Do you supply starter cables for a ‘97 900ss?
    I haven’t had a good look over the bike yet but on my trip home yesterday there was a noticeable hesitation when the starter button was pressed.
  4. Yes indeed :innocent:
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  5. Hi Exige, I'm looking at getting a set of cables for my 998 and my 2014 1200 monster. I can find the 998 on your list of cables but I can't find any for the monster. Do you make them for the 1200 monster?
  6. I’ll send you a PM :):upyeah:
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  7. For a MTS 1260 Pikes Peak?
  8. PM sent :):upyeah:
  9. When you get chance can you send me a pm for payment for a set of 749 please
  10. Done :):upyeah:
  11. PM sent.
    [​IMG] Sorry cant talk, just doing an errand for Exige.
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  12. Hope you've stocked up @Exige.

    Wow! You guys have rocked out on buying belts this year. So much so, that the equation we came up with to anticipate yearly growth couldn't keep up. We are getting one last shipment of our TB996 and that is all we are going to be able to buy of that belt until Spring. This is both good and bad for us. It's amazing because we are so incredibly pleased that people enjoy our product so much. Its bad because we know we will be letting a lot of people down until spring and that puts us down a lot. I assure all of you we will be doing everything in our power to get them to you as soon as we can. We will have enough to fill a few more so order while they are available. We appreciate all the love and positive feedback we're getting. You guys are the best.
    Thanks for being amazing.
    -CA Cycleworks
  13. I am trying to keep ahead - it was a struggle last spring too o_O:upyeah:
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  14. @Exige
    Do you do cables for Moto Guzzi? I could do with a pair for my Le Mans.
  15. No, but have a measure up and we can have a look Peter.
  16. Ffs
  17. ^ ^ ^
    Selective editing. :eyes:
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  18. Thanks, Actually there are only two high-current cables on a 1970s/80s Moto Guzzi which are both short and simple.

    A. Positive lead from the battery +ve to the starter solenoid (which is mounted on top of the starter motor) = 380mm
    B. Negative lead from the battery -ve to the earthing point on the bell-housing of the engine/gearbox = 350mm

    The terminals have 8mm holes and bolt on so that the angle of the terminal is not critical - straight would be fine. Minor feeds to/from the battery positive are separate and have their own terminal, so no need to provide for them. There is plenty of room for the cables, so routing them is not a problem. The old cables would be discarded.

    If only Ducatis were so straightforward, eh?
  19. Sounds good, I will get some made up with my next order at the end of this Month :):upyeah:
  20. Excellent. Since the OEM terminals are just flimsy flat bits of tin, your cables would be an improvement for sure. And really easy to fit, so no need for elaborate instructions.
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