V4 Exhaust Removal

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  1. Has anyone removed their fairings yet to access the exhaust?
    I will be powder coating the cover before I (if I) pull the trigger on the Akra, (as I think the stock sounds fine).

    I wondered if there were any nasty 'accessibility' surprises, as from 44T video at JHS, looks like a bike that's pretty fiddly to get to things.
  2. I’ve been told they are a bit fiddly. I’ll deffo be going for an after market zorst. Lose a few kg’s And gain a few ponies. Hanging back to see what’s available.
    I’ll be taking the DIY approach. Don’t Involve Yourself.
  3. When it arrives (May) I'll post a how to vid.
    A few more ponies and less kg's - not what I think the V4 needs :p #toofastforme
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  4. Hope your hands are small. One of our technicians has been through the 2 day training at the factory and whilst it's easier to work on than some of its predecessors, there's not a lot of space not already filled with bits. When/if you buy the Akrapovic full race system, don't forget you need a different lower fairing. I'm guessing bought from Ducati, it'll be a kit. Hope you enjoy the bike, I've still got 5 months to wait. Andy
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  5. Silencer should be fairly straight forward, you might even get the covers without removing the unit itself...6 screws. If you want the system, then it's a bigger job. Rads off for a start to get to front manifold nuts. Rear subframe for the rear.
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  6. Thanks guys