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Diavel Exhaust Valve Eliminator

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by Booty3, Oct 6, 2020.

  1. Hi everyone , could anyone tell me where I can the electrical connection for the exhaust valve on my 2020 Diavel 1260 s . Thanks
  2. Usually next to the servo motor. Follow the actuating cable back from the valve in the exhaust to the servo.
  3. Thanks Paul , I've tried that , it looks like it's routed over to the left side of bike , there's a plastic cover , i 'll remove that and see if it's there.
  4. I don't know exactly where it is on that model so can't be more specific but follow the cable and you'll find it, you'll then find the electrical connector to it.
  5. Have you bought new shiny exhaust or just removing exhaust valve?
  7. I 've bought an electrical valve eleminator , to disable the valve withoit fault cofed coming up
  8. Ha ha bloody predictive text . Without fault code coming up
  9. How come you want to remove it?
  10. It does nt remove it , it stops the valve shutting at 5000 ish revs , it's just a euro noise restriction thing , I like to hear my exhaust note .
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  11. arguably it also prevents a sticking EV in the future throwing up EML errors
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  12. Is it easy enough to remove/get to the module?
  13. I 've not tried yet Paul , I 've located the motor , it's in the right hand side belly pan , so will have a go at it tomorrow and let you know .
  14. Cool, might be rainy day job!! where did you get the eliminator from? Must admit the standard exhaust is very muted...
  15. Well that's frustrating , I finally got to the connection to the servo only to find the eliminator module is a different size , Diavel connection is rectangular and module is square , I 've e mailed Smartmoto who supplied it .
  16. I had a similar issue with the DucEE I bought from Vizi-tech for my Monster, they changed it no problem at all, even sent out the new one straight away and trusted me to return the first one. They said it’s a common problem, Ducati change the connector but don’t update the parts manuals of the rest of the world.
  17. Thanks Paul glad you got sorted out , hopefully I 'll hear something off them today .
  18. Hopefully they will swap it quick. I have seen a healtech one on ebay for £30
  19. My Healtech one has just been delivered :). I've already got the plastics off as I'm fitting Evotech rad and oil cooler guards. the servo was awkward to remove or i just have fat hands!!
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