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F1 Spa Spoiler

Discussion in 'Racing & Bike Sport' started by bradders, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. so Bernie has done it again, trying to make it interesting by imposing extreme measures on the leader..Hamilton .starting from the back so may be worth watching the first few laps for once
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  2. Wow action packed first few laps. That was a heavy impact for Magnussen.
  3. I put £10 on Hamilton e/w yesterday at 9:1. Was hoping for a safety car
  4. Whats with the booing? Is Rosberg disliked that much?

    It was still boring, watched until safety car then went in the garage to fit some bits on the multi
  5. Best bit was Kimi's conversation with his pit crew when Verstrapon was playing mobile chicane at 200mph
    "Do I have to give the wanker his place back" & "What's he fucking doing"
    :Wideyed: Sky weren't quick enough with the "bleep" machine - Legend :D
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  6. I think the crowd were showing their distaste for the bloke who appears to steal the oxygen from wherever he goes. Talk about brand 'bland and boring'.
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  7. Not sure what they were thinking having webber and coultard walk the grid...like two fellas f*ckin about not being prefessional presenters. And then webber on the podium....car-crash tv
  8. Damn, missed it...although I only watch on c4...off to search youtube
  9. Did you find it?
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  11. Kimi at his best [emoji23]...
  12. A better look at it.

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