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Fairing Respray Costs?

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by ck_uk, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. Could anyone give me a feel for what it might cost to have my side and rear panels professionally resprayed with new decals etc (I will supply the decals). I'm just trying to scope this out vs buying some 2nd hand decent ones.

    The nose fairing and tank are perfect, so don't need spraying. Though I am concerned whether freshly painted panels might be obvious against these..
  2. £2-£300 I reckon. Good paint shops will match up perfectly.
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  3. I'd say double that with what i can see with trade outlets these days and their stupid ridiculous prices.
  4. Agree with XH558. I had a good friend paint all my panels, frame, wheels, yoke and fuel cap and it was around £1200. Before you ask, yes he really is a good friend who is a top class painter and I trust him implicitly to deliver a top job. Have a look at my photo album at the results.
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  5. My fairing top plus 5 large bits of carbon fibre taking up to 9 coats of lacquer each done at a RR and Lotus specialist body shop was £500.
    Hence 2-300.
  6. My Honda XL250 motorsport petrol tank with decals and two mudguards plus the headlamp bowl cost five years ago just under £400.
  7. £90 all in (inc paint) fairings and front fender which included a bit filler work around right hand indicator.


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  8. Just had the nose fairing, one side panel and the seat unit from my 748 resprayed and lacquered at my local car body repair shop. Paint was colour matched from the existing fairing and then made up. €150 cash all in, including some filling where a hurricane had blown it over and the parts got damaged on contact with the ground:(.
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  9. So, in summary, shop around.

    When negotiating tell them that you will take the parts off yourself and ask them to do it as a fill in job. IE you are not in a rush but a couple of weeks would be fine kind of chat. And cash does talk sometimes.
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  10. Mark @ Paint Supremacy is ace. He can match / blend like you wouldn't believe. You'll have to twist his arm to use decals as he likes to paint them, I've had a fair amount of work done by him via Italia Moto in Lincoln. He matched the yellow on my old 900 SL and it was perfect. Yellow is non-trivial to match.
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  11. Fair point. My frame, wheels and fairings needed quite a bit of work to them before painting and the prep work alone was significant. Media blasting wheels, yoke and frame, panel repairs (holes and a couple of cracks), so rather than a relatively quick sanding the 25+ years of neglect needed a bit more attention than normal. Also the white number board and gold pinstripe added to the layers and effort.
  12. Did my paint job for about £70 max; but I had to do all the prep, spraying and finishing.

    Damn hard work.
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  13. But rewarding.
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  14. I could tell you where not to take it , I have a complete brand new panel and tank set for my lc waiting to be done in Kenny roberts colours and its still all in the boxes a year later ! Needless to say its a "mate" thats doing it. Funnily enuff , its only the fact that he has the yamaha competition yellow down to a tee that I'm being so patient.
    Puddy :)
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