Fault Code 9024

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by PeterT, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. I have this on my multi?
    What does it relate too please?
  2. Generic fault code here:- 9024 -Fault in CAN communication with overhead control panel control module. Be nice if you had an overhead module
  3. oh that's really weird then
  4. what are you reading the codes with Peter and which bike? There should be a letter prefix to the code on the newer bikes. There are also two set of codes now if the bike is EU4. The first set are universal EOBD codes and the second set manufacturer vehicle/specific.
  5. On my jpdiag was the code
  6. Ok. The only stand out codes I can see that look close ending in 024, but with different prefixes are a cam timing error on the DVT motors, knock sensor (DVT again) and a speed sensor error. The format you have doesn't match any format I have or would read with my diagnosis gear. Might be worth a trip by your dealer and get it read out with the dealer equipment?
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  7. Might have been flagged when i had my dodgy swithc issue cleared it now anyway