Feel Like I’ve Only One Finger Nail Left To Hang On With..

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Noods, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Feel like I’ve only one finger nail left to hang on with..
    And considering letting go by that too..

    I know people think you’ve got so much going for you and all that but in truth that’s where we’re at now..

    A couple of hours ago I was coping, now I’m not...

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  2. Dude... pm me.. let's chat..
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  3. Erm, you have a build to finish, and too many people likes you, loves what you do and loves you too dude - if alone call your family... talk is good!
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  4. Hey Noods, we are here for and with you. And don’t forget we’re all looking forward to seeing your projects develop! :)
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  5. We're all here to talk, you can pm any one of us for a chat, thoughts are with you.
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  6. My life has totally imploded lately as well. Not sure on your situation, but things do and will start improving.
  7. Talk. Please.
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  8. Let someone know. Have a chat - stranger, friend or family. Ill listen, if i can be one of the first two for you. Mark.
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  9. Mate get some kip eh, then have another go tomorrow, don't sit fighting it, tomorrow could be good if not another day follows it and so on and so forth, as said talk to family or friends, we are big on facts on here and it's a fact that when people do something extreme and survive they usually say they regretted giving in

    Whatever the issue do not give in, I had a stroke I absolutely have not let it finish me off, people on here have serious issues but refuse to give up, don't give up absolutely do not give up, please seek help it is readily available, you will receive support just on here and this is just a forum, I don't know you but I care about you as do many many others, I'm abroad wifi can be an issue here but pm and I will respond when I see it, get some kip
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  10. After 34 years of bliss with neighbours I had a new one move in n he’s a [email protected]£££er..

    Welcomed him as I always do but straight away knew I had issues coming ... leaves dog in house alone all day, never walks it so it barks all day! Had a quiet word with him over it didn’t go well.. now I get white noise music all day and sometimes all night, loud enough through the partition wall to keep me awake bearing in mind I do days n nights, whilst I have no rites to it nor do I expect any I’ve parked at same spot for 35 years by kerb, he’s decided he wants it I guess And now moves his car and van around to make sure I or anyone else can park there etc etc .. I’ve been in touch with RSPCA the Council the police non want to deal with it.. he will come home at 1-2-3am in the morning wearing heavy boots no carpet on stairs one brick between him and me making as much noise as poss..
    why should I leave my home of 35 years? Renovated it to high standard with a stunning workshop to boot!

    All this after welcoming the guy in the first place as I always do with anyone, neighbour or not..

    Ps I’m at work so pls don’t send anyone for me..

    To sum it up I’m having to sleep in my own house with earplugs in..

    I can’t cope with this, unfortunately the fight just isn’t there anymore...
  11. Boy did you have us worried - keep hanging in there (and here) it's good to talk to weird people on't Ducati Forum :):upyeah:
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  12. If you want i could crap down his chimney for you !!!!
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  13. Samaritans, call them, seek professional support matey
    116 123 (UK)
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  14. Noodles call me ...... NOW!!!
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  15. Maybe a few of us could force feed him his cock, that might help
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  16. Pm me mate..
    I can sort it for you ;)
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  17. Hopefully yours does too fella
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  18. Noodles we are all here for you
    This crazy lot will keep you smiling won’t you guys :)

    Keep talking to us our ears are all yours xx
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  19. And minds and opinions too unfortunately :)
  20. I live alone too... I guess this is the final straw I just don’t want this life anymore .....

    I was compiling letters to my kids earlier...

    9 hours of a night shift left to think things over...