Feral Scum.

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  1. Speaking of parental responsibility reminds me of when I had my bicycle stolen from my previous house. I’d nipped out on my then monster S4 and when I got back the bike was gone from the garage.
    So I thought I’d go over to the other side of the tracks so see if I could find it.
    And there was this young lad outside a pub riding it round the car park.
    I pulled up along side him and shouted at him to get off. Startled he fell off ran away and disappeared.
    Now I was in a quandary, one motorbike and one bicycle and home being about a mile away.
    My concerns were short lived though, the cheeky little bastard had gone in to the pub, telling his dad and his mates he’d just been mugged!
    So all these meat heads in various states of intoxication square up to me demanding I give my bike back to the poor lad!
    Weighing up the odds I quickly give it up realising this could turn out very bad for me.
    So there you have it, one cunt of a dad teaching the next generation how to go about being a first class cunt.
    Of course I’m over it now!
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  2. If only citizens were properly armed.

    This kind of problem would slowly disappear from society ... respect and manners return ... and best of all, the housing shortage would be solved!
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  3. There is a real lack of any respect for any authority by many kids these days - I work in a secondary school and see it almost constantly. Teachers and fellow pupils, minimal real respect is given to other people. Many minute after a teacher has given a simple instruction such as "Open your jotters , put today's date down and head up the page with what is in the board" - many pupils have got jotters still shut, more interested in their phones or shouting across the classroom.

    Over the years I have cycled (pedal bike) more miles than I've motorbiked (I've had motorbikes since I was 18) and in particular the actions shown on that 1st video against cyclists made me feel sick. Death could have been the result in some cases yet I doubt they care a jot.
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  4. If your kids have no respect for you they are not likely to have much respect for anyone else are they..

    Bring your kids up with manners and respect for others and invest your time in them and they should do fine..

    When you get parents who can’t be bothered to look after theirselves let alone their offspring you have a problem..

    Can’t be bothered to feed the kids they chuck the child a fiver and send them to the chip shop while they slum with the TV .. young kids on the streets because their parents can’t be bothered, it’s no wonder they end up with undesirables as so called friends ..

    No matter how tired we were after work we would always sit and read with our two for 20 mins or so each night.. Little things make a difference when they are young, it doesn’t take money either..

    When they catch these thugs they should make them all do National Service for a min of a year.. don’t give them a tag or community service.. have them up in front of army sergeants etc, make real men of them and drum out their disrespectful ways once and for all.. it would do them the power of good..

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  5. Wot, like it has in the US you mean? 30K deaths from guns a year?! Schoolkids shot to bits on a regular basis. C'mon man...
  6. Most gun deaths take place in cities with strict gun laws.

    But you're missing the bigger issue. No one is going to barge in front of you in the queue at Waitrose if the think you might be packing a Glock or a .357. Eye on the prize, fella.
  7. No mate, the bigger issue is 20 5 year olds and 6 of their teachers shot dead in Sandy Hook. Can you hear yourself? I'll take people barging in front of me at Waitrose, some scooter theft and some general lawlessness on the streets ANY DAY as a trade off for not having that sh1t happen on a regular basis in the UK.
  8. Don't forget the Gals as well Noods, they can be worse than the Lads mate.
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  9. Ha yes ...they’re included.. x
  10. There’s a queue at Waitrose? I thought your man let’s them know what’s required this week and they send it round forthwith!
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  11. Not saying the emotive is trying to take over the factual, but I'm pretty sure there is no waitrose in sandy hook
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  12. No. Because when there was the violence it created was too much to cope with.
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  13. I remember the avocado shortage and wars of 2013, it was hellish
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  14. You seem to be taking me terribly seriously and using a tragedy, one of many to afflict the US, to beat me over the head. That kind of virtue-signalling / moralising leaves a bad taste behind. You won't understand why, of course. You see one problem and one solution.

    I have a grasp of this issue, as you have a grasp of this issue. We do not differ in our horror and disgust for such terrible events. We undoubtedly differ in how such matters should be addressed. That is inevitable as people see problems and solutions in different ways. And as hard for you to hear this, in your emotional state, there are larger issues than what occurred at Sandy Hook, as terrible as that was.

    This has all been addressed in another thread, you might want to move there to explain your feelings. In the meantime, here in this thread, we are discussing feral scum and possible ways of addressing the matter (plus some OTT methods, too).
  15. Off with their goolies?
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  16. Gin gan ones?
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  17. Lol! Yes, I see maybe I’m missing perhaps a slightly tongue-in-cheek angle to the suggestions. Sorry, I have little sense of humour re the introduction a “right to bear arms” to the UK, bombarded as I am with US news in my current location.

    I’m going to go back to taking about Ducatis!
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  18. Absolutely, never liked Gin :D
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