Feral Scum.

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  1. Thieving fuckers....too stupid to realize theres a camera on them...
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  2. They don't care about the camera's because the police will deem trying to punish them. Unduly dangerous for the officers & wasteful of the councils resources.

    This society is turning demonic frankly & citizenry have to take back control. As shown by the actions of people taking down the protestor on the train (extinction rebellion) & the robber who failed to get away (jewelry heist). We need to kick some peoples teeth out & knee-cap these assholes. I pay my fucking taxes not to see modern britain be overrun by criminals of any class divide.
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  3. Don't hurt your fingers hitting that keyboard
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  4. My man walking across shot looking at his phone while ignoring all the disorder. Yep. Definitely London! :laughing:

    Seriously though, haven't you felt like doing this since McDs introduced that stupid new ordering system which means it now takes 20 minutes rather than 20 seconds to be served? He probably just wanted his cheeseburger.
  5. We’ve all seen the film.
  6. They still serve at tables at the local Wimpey.
  7. A motorbike thief who threw petrol at eight police officers from a watering can to stop them from arresting him has been jailed.

    Police were terrified after the man, who had armed himself with the flammable liquid, doused them with it and left them fearing for their lives.

    Justin Jackson, 28, admitted at an earlier hearing at Basildon Crown Court to eight counts of administering a noxious substance with intent to cause injury.

    Dramatic footage posted by Essex Police shows the chase from a helicopter, which was at the scene, in which police pursue the vehicle before Jackson gets off the bike and throws the substance at the officers.

    He has been sentenced for three years and nine months.
  8. Didn't they book the scuzzers mother too?