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  1. Has anyone seen/heard from @figaro recently? He's noticeable by his absence :(

    I know he had some personal stuff going on in recent times. I'm just hoping things are ok.
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  2. He's been quiet for a long time now, last seen on here 30th March, I thought he had found a girlfriend but I could be wrong. Hope all is well.
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  3. Boyfriend?

    Just to see if we get a response?
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  4. Wondered the same...:Watching:
  5. I recall his girlfriend was possibly Ill and he was focussing on that. Hope all is well.
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  6. Yes, that was the case. I hope everything is ok??

    Can anyone get in touch with him?

  7. You could try a PM, that might flag up an email for him, if his settings are set up that way.
  8. Weirdly ET I thought about him yesterday seeing that purple avatar of his while flicking through new posts

    Wondering too
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  9. "Most stressful day of my bloody life. Tracey went in to get the results of her brain scans today with her sons and her best mate, so I've been left fretting on my own. But she just rang to say it was good news. Thank fuck for that.

    After 4 months of constant worry, we're gonna get fookin' smashed right up tonight;):Dead::D"

    This was posted in November - most recent post seems to be January. Really hope this diagnosis didn't turn out to be wrong...
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  10. Good idea tonto. I'll do that right now :)
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  11. PM sent
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  12. Fingers crossed...
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  13. Good job your not in charge here ET
    Oh hang on..... :Oldman:
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  14. It's ok , he has good senior management ....
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  15. As I'd not heard back from my PM I decided to email him this morning.....................and he replied as follows!!! :)

    "Hello Terry, nice to hear from you.

    You'll be pleased to hear that I'm fine and so is Tracey, we'll be spending our second Xmas together in a few days.

    Sorry I've not been on the forum, but you know how things go, when I was single I had plenty of time for forums. Still, ill try to show my face before Xmas.

    Hope all is well with you and yours, and hope you have a great Xmas. Cheers."

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  16. Good news
  17. I have never met any of you guys, I also missed Figaro's posts and wondered what had happened to him, I think it is great that people did take the time to be concerned and contact him. For me the world is a better place today.
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  18. Yes that's nice
  19. Nice work.

  20. That's fab
    Glad all is ok
    Thanks ET :)
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