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Featured Finally! Now 944ss

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by Desmoquattro, Oct 8, 2021.

  1. It's been a long road, been many a bump along the way, bikes been off the road for most of the last 2 years. Last year due to COVID. So I took the opportunity to upgrade the engine. I bought a non running ST2, engine was good when I broke it. I omly bought it for the camshafts.....and ended up using the barrels too. It would be rude not to right? Gearbox was also a lot better than the abused (previous owner) original in my SS which had flaking gears.

    I shouldve done a build thread, I have loads of pictures and have learnt many things along the way which may have benefitted others. The engine is a proper frankenstein monster, which has evolved over 10 years and is still not where I want it.

    Took it out this year and it was making a horrendous noise, so after running it briefly I took it off the road again. Turns out I had put the wrong input shaft driven gear in. I must have got the original mixed up with the ST one. It was whining and making a really loud mechanical noise ringing through the steel basket. There was slight play in the gear and this was getting amplified, they have different teeth. Anyway, tracked down the original, reinstalled and it is fixed. It was running fine apart from the noise, now it runs as it should, making the correct Ducati racket!

    It pulls like an freight train, it needs a rolling road tune though, as its set up for 904 hi comps. It now has 944 Bruce Meyer desiged Pistals in it. Has a very slight 1/4 throttle bog that's irritating me, but it still flies! There's been some other mods too.

    Highly recommend upping the capacity
    20210925_210434.jpg IMG_20211007_204845_106.jpg
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  2. Lovely work, any chance you could divulge where you got the cam oil feed caps made, or if you still have the design?
  3. It was done through a mate, he organised them Sev. @elric
    I'm not sure if post was seen by him when he ordered. I can ask him details. It was a chap in Europe.
  4. Excellent work. Be interested to hear what you learned along the way. If my track 900ss ever needs to come apart, it would be a good time to add CC.
  5. Looking very nice.

    Ref the end caps, can you not just stick a std one in a lathe, skim off the Ducati lettering, then drill and tap a hole in the middle?

    I did it the other way round, held the cap outer part in a 4 jaw chuck and machined off the round section to make my belt buckle.

  6. Nice job!
    Notice the long manifolds - are you sticking with them + racked carbs?
  7. Er, yes probably, but decided at the time to get them made up as didn't have the time.
  8. Yes, happy with this set up. Better torque over the top end of the split fcrs
  9. Any chance of adding photos and minimal text of the build? My project (a very slow one!) is st2 barrels and cams, hi comps in a 900ie...did you record the process of drilling the water jacket of the barrels to link to the oilways?
  10. Ps.. she's an absolute stunner!
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  11. Coincidentally, I've just been watching this.....
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  12. That's where I got info from
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  13. Grant, I'll answer any questions you have. This is where I also got the original idea from. You need to drill the water ways and seal them up again on the outside as per this link. Which allows oil to fill the water jacket.
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  14. I can't find my pics just now, but I have some
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