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Fireblade 900rr

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by HyperMac, Jan 31, 2020.

  1. Anyone own now or previously had one of theses ? Have had the offer of buying a 1996 MY bike locally. It’s been sitting around for few years. Appears to be all original. It has been used during its lifetime but is in pretty good nick. Current owner has had it 18 years.
    Any advice as to what to look out for other than checking gearbox under load , especially in second gear ?
  2. I had an RRW.:bucktooth:

    Nothing much to say really, it left me underwhelmed. :confused: I used to like the Saxo VTS if that's any use. :thinkingface:

    Fireblade 1.JPG
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  3. Had an RRV Black Foxeye back in the day, best bike I've ever owned... Fireblade.PNG
    The only mods were a noisy can and a beefed up rear spring to take the weight of the personal cassette player (the yellow one...)!

    ...and the mandatory power commander. And I mean Dynojet... or whatever it was to improve carburation back then that cost a few bob and really made aboslutely no real-world difference... :D

    Happy daze... :-D
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  4. Snap! :)

    Used mainly for rides down to the beach in Malaga.
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  5. I'd four new ones and racked up inbetween 6/7000 miles on each one very quickly with no issues at all,but the first 93 model was my favourite.:upyeah:
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  6. I had the black and purple one too. Rode that to Spain and clocked up a few thousand miles on the roads around Seville.
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  7. They started putting bark back on again after the 96 model.:(........thank christ for slimline R1.:upyeah:
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  8. I'm going to confess something... I don't understand what a Power Commander does on a carb'ed bike. Can someone enlighten me? Logically it's just ignition timing mapping? How is that as transformative as people claim? Nice RRV too. :)
  9. The weights were continuing to drop actually... the RRW and RRX were very light bikes. I had a RRX and frequently get all misty-eyed about it. It was a nice old thing, but you had to wring its neck otherwise it was a bit unremarkable character-wise.


    Was a good cook too...
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  10. They just looked bulky too me at the end.
  11. agree but they were objectively lighter.
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  12. Perhaps it was me after all,with all those pork pies then.;)
    no seriously,i thought it was a great product and the resale prices were excellent too.
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  13. I had an RRT.The only fault I had was with the reg/rec.Brilliant bike.I had it ten years.
  14. So mostly positive then ( well at least from back in the day ) . Sounds like it’s the earlier models that will hold value much better then and the one to have.
  15. Early bikes are lovely but performance / handling have moved on. The tanks feel massive and the seats slide you into the tank. They’re coarse but still fun. An SC28 will hold / gain value but a later bike will be more useable / less precious. They’re all dead practical though.
  16. I have had 10 fireblades, Last one being the 954cc , I changed the bikes each year after about 10000 miles. I never took one of these bikes back to the dealer for any warranty issues. And that's from the 1990's. Cant say the same for the R1's the Suzuki TL and the Kawasaki zxr's or my multi for that matter.
  17. The reg/rec thing is known but tbh I’ve never had a problem with it. Later Blades proved a concern (2011) as the thing drank oil and Honda build quality was no longer at HRC levels. Up until at least RRX it was excellent. Shame as I loved my black and gold RR-A but I was forever fretting it was drinking me into bankruptcy.
  18. That is because I meant Dynojet... whatever it was it was a long time ago! :joy:
  19. Feck me,i got bored after just four.:p
  20. I always fancied the cadburies rrx , the blue and gold ones. They seem to be holding their price not to badly

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