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First Big Boy Bike For Socal Noob

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by tboooe, Jan 2, 2020.

  1. Over xmas I picked up a 2012 848 EVO. It has a little over 15K miles on it but the dealer threw in the major service which I estimate saved me over $1K. This will be my first big boy bike! In over 20 years, I've only ever ridden a Honda RVF400 or NSR250. I'm a bit scared!!

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  2. nice one!!! looks good... nothing to be scared of at all... as you know, it will only go as fast as you make it go!!
    just stick to the speed you are comfortable with and enjoy!!
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  3. Nothing to worry about at all, you’ll soon find ya feet and be on the lookout for something real fast!
    In the meantime, enjoy!
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  4. Welcome Dave
  5. Phwoarrrr :heart_eyes:
  6. Welcome....where in SoCal are you? San Diego here.
  7. You'll have plenty of fun with that tb, welcome
  8. Orange County, San Clemente to be exact. I used to live in SD when I went to UCSD. I rode to Lake Hodges alot back then.

    BTW, I see you have an RC51?! Thats an awesome bike. For many years I had an RVF400 (V4) and loved it! I should have never sold it, especially since I somehow got it registered. I am working on getting another one to use as a track bike along with the NSR250.
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  9. Throttle works both ways. Noice bike.
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  10. Your forgot your trash cans we like them along with your bike
    It’s a newbie law I like them :)

    Welcome into our mad house
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  11. Thanks everyone for the replies. I was kind of kidding with the scared comment though I will say this bike is a little intimidating to me just because of how much bigger it feels than my RVF and NSR. Oddly, the 848 weighs about the same as the RVF but it just seems like so much more bike. Mind you, I am a dainty guy, only about 10.5 stone (I prefer saying 145lb since it sounds more beefy!).

    This is my first ever Ducati and my first impression is that the engine feels lumpy which I expected from the V twin. It also feels lazy in the sense that it does not wind up the RPMs as fast my previous bikes. As others have mentioned the gearing is ridiculously tall so I will change to rear sprocket to 42 teeth. Steering feels a bit slow too but I will fiddle with geometry.

    My first real mod has been to get the rear suspension sorted. At my weight, the rear shock does not compress at all! I picked up a used TTX36 DU931 shock, Ducshop flat link, and adjustable ride height adjuster. I am pumped to get it installed on the bike.
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  12. Trashcans? British slang? If so, its like watching all those Benny Hill episodes as a kid!
  13. keep ya weight over the front for faster steering and keep it in the zone like a 2 stroke and it wont feel lazy... probably not what most ducati owners will tell you but it works for me ...
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  14. What do you suggest the optimal RPM zone to be? From looking at the dyno chart it seems 8-9K is right?
  15. also, although it seems lazy, you have to re calibrate a lil, as although they dont rev to the moon, you will soon find out they can often out punch a il4 outta the bends and before you know it, ya going a lil faster than expected for a tractor....
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  16. personally id say for an 848 thats probably in the ball park if you are ragging it but i guess that would come down alot to riding style and roads... tbh ive only rode and 848 for a very small bit but the engine seems so similar to my 749 and although it doesnt have the torque of its big bros, it is a lil different to jap bikes for sure..
  17. Welcome and enjoy!!
  18. Oh and this was at the dealership too. I admit I got a little moist looking at that thing.
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  19. Hi, I am also new to the forum and Ducati ownership. Mine hasn't started well because its being picked up tomorrow to have an engine light issue sorted, i haven't even ridden it yet!!
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  20. Welcome Tboooe as said earlier a re-calibration from scream to rumble is required - you won't be disappointed :upyeah:
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