1200 Pikes Peak First Day

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Daddy2coull, May 25, 2018.

  1. Picked up my new multi today, 2017 bike on this years plate. Only managed to cover 50 miles bringing it home as I had family duties. Still managed to fit my 595 Zumo and Navihalter mount, Ducati/Givi tank bag with ring, touratech side stand foot (that i kept from my hyper SP) and Ctek charging cable. Evo tech guards are going on tomorrow then hopefully Sunday I can put some miles on.

    The clutch is so light, its going to take some getting used to!!

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  2. Lovely bike, I have same PP love it to bits, fitted the Termi full system, centre stand, aux lights painted black and the quickshifter easy.
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  3. Sorry for the hijack - which quickshifter did you fit?
  4. I got the healtech quickshifter easy
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  5. 6531B7B9-D68D-4820-930A-794967D30E87.jpeg I’ve had the PP for a few days now. Only covered just over 200 miles but so far so good. It doesn’t excite me the same way the hyper SP did. But she’s a big old bus in comparison. I can see me eating up some miles and already have a couple of ideas for trips away.

    Here’s the obligatory pic to keep people happy ;)
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  6. Apparently it’s all about the bins!
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