1299 First Time At Caddy On The 1299s

Discussion in '899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V4 Panigale' started by james griffin, Jun 26, 2018.

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  1. looks fun mate.:upyeah:
  2. ♥️ cadders & Cadders ♥️‘s Ducs. You look like you’re going well.

    Alex James pics I presume. He’s great on Cadwell.
  3. Nice bit of air time-good photos.
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  4. Sure is
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  5. Yes alex was taking pics on the day didnt hit my personal best time but first time ther on the 1299 put me 2 seconds off my p.b but far to much traffic just couldnt get into gear to put some hot laps in
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  6. they are great photos.. makes it look like you have the circuit to yourself!!
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  7. Looking awesome out there!!!
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  8. Do you have stock gearing on there @james griffin ? Been a long time since I was there but I remember the shorter gearing working a lot better. Loving the air time; I know you only posted the other pictures to complement this one; always the troll.... ;)
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  9. Down one on the front and max revs on park straight on my old 848,soul would imagine down 1 and +2 rear would work well with most superbikes...160 top end will be enough and give 2nd at hairpin...worked well on gixer (although only barely dipping into 1’40’s so not quick).
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  10. I only managed a 1.42 on the day whats not to bad i guess 2nd time on the bike since buying it p.b is a 1.40 dead on gen 4 zx10 but i no where i need to improve to knock a few seconds off it was more of a test day just to get use to the bike so should be into the 1.30s next time ther
  11. You no the score but yes stock gearing at the min what would you recomend to change to ?
  12. What 1:42, were you cycling around? :punch::joy:
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  13. 1.42 is more the quick enough. Think I touched a 1.45 following a mate but plenty race and dont break 1.45. Would be happy with a sub 1'50 these days
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  14. Ppl keep telling me to go racing but its not my thing i just enjoy track days do my own thing and no pressure not to mention the expensive of racing i just dont see the point its not for me
  15. Racing is a whole different thing. TBH racing ruined trackdays for me, it was all about chasing times every time I went out. These days, I try and stay clear of timing and just ride round. Switched to inters too, which helped.