1198 First Weekend With The 1198s

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  1. So finally the cold weather in Denmark came to an end. That meant that the first ride on my 1198s was finally possible. After having owned a 749 and a 998 I was excited to try the 1198s which in my thoughts would be “the best of both worlds”. This of course due the light handling from the 749, and the incredibly torque I so loved from the 998 but now with even more. It is always dangerous to great expectations to the new toys, but this time it blew my mind.. The 1198s is such a joy to ride, (with 14/38 gearing) And a totally different animal than the 998, was expecting a difference but that much, no way... And having tried the 959 and 1199 I having a hard time seeing any other Ducati taking it’s place any time soon.. Next job is getting the suspension set up and then it is all set and go.. (And boy I like the Bridgestone Battlax RS10s)

    Hope you guys had a great weekend on the other side of the water as well

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  2. Why are your signs in English Mr Denmark? :thinkingface:
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  3. If you are referring to the Starbucks sign then I think they cannot help them selves.. And my girlfriend insists on getting Starbucks when we ride.. Shame they don’t have 99 octane on same stations as Starbucks
  4. Bike looks very clean, nice. Bet you have been grinning from ear to ear when you open it up.

    What are the speed limits like there, can you have a bit of fun with it?
  5. They have nice white rear reg plates and a blue directional sign pointing right though.
  6. Very nice, great to see the weather getting warmer again so the toys can come out to play.
  7. Hopefully you will have it at Knutstorp next month for the Swedish Ducati Club trackdays.
  8. Well not that much fun, on the country roads the speedlimit is 50 mph and max speed on highway is 80 mph.

    But will soon take it to a track once the suspension is setup correctly.
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  9. Stopping for a coffee is a very small price to pay for having a girlfriend who rides a bike, lucky man!
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